The Dawning of a New Era for WordPress- WordPress 5.8 and its updates

The Dawning of a New Era for WordPress- WordPress 5.8 and its updates

With Growing technology advancements and innovations, it is going to be a highly competitive world. An online presence is the norm. In July, The Gutenberg and WordPress core team announced a new release of WordPress 5.8. This update has remarkably stridden towards solidifying the site-building capabilities of WordPress by improving the features.

With every new update, they improve the performance, fix bugs, add new traits and enhance the existing features.

Therefore, to experience the new features, you need to upgrade WordPress to the latest version. But this upgrade will affect the folders and files for which you will need to hire WordPress Developer. But before that, you need to be aware of the latest version of WordPress and its new features and how it results in improving the user experience. 

So, let’s get started with the changes and the enhancement of the CMS that pave the path for the new site-building tools.

What is new in the 5.8 updates of the WordPress core?

WordPress 5.8 is the major achievement in the development cycle of WordPress. The Core team of WordPress has been thriving with the full-site editing feature with the inclusion of Gutenberg Block editor. However, the newest version of WordPress includes Template Editor, additional block Settings, Media library changes, Block APIs, WebP image support, and some other quality-of-life improvements for WordPress Developers.

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New Features of the WordPress 5.8

Since the introduction of the block editor, the new update of WordPress present cutting-edge features. This new release offers the Full Site Editing features to developers. Here is the list of the latest trademarks of WordPress 5.8:

Editing of the New Template:

Now, the template editor is available to all the WordPress sites that use its theme. The new update of WordPress 5.8 has come with a slew of a new block of Templates which is a step towards Site Editing. However, users can now easily create new and edit custom templates for the pages and posts using the block editor. It also includes the list of view panels through which users get an overview of the template sections and blocks.

Theme Building Blocks:

Now you can add theme building to your new templates. Here are those new blocks added in this latest version of WordPress:

  • Site Logo

  • Site Title

  • Site Tagline

  • Query Loop

  • Post Title

  • Post Categories

  • Post Date

  • Post Content

  • Post Excerpt

  • Post Tags

  • Post Featured Image

  • Login/out

  • Page List

Native Support to WebP images

It is a new image format which will reduce the size of the image file than JPEG and PNG without putting any impact on the quality. This new version has brought great difference and has also boosted the performance and speed of the website. WordPress supports WebP by default, so you will not require any WordPress plugin. The advantage of WebP images is that the size of the file will be small. Moreover, It can be used across several browsers like Chrome, Firefox.

Media Library Changes:

Earlier, the user was using the infinite scroll to load the images in the WordPress media library. With the updated version of WordPress, the users have to no longer deal with loading. Now, the users can press the Load More button to view more images and make it user friendly.

Another change in the media library is that you can copy the media file URL and can use it anywhere without editing the image.

Block Editor Changes:

Block editor is a place where WordPress users create content. With the Gutenberg changes, there are new improvements in the block editor.

  • The Query Loop Block:

Earlier, the developers needed to install the plugin to display the bunch of posts, products, or pages but with the help of the Query Loop Block, you can easily display a list of posts, etc. It enables you to customize the blocks within the loop like the length of excerpt, topography, color, and more.

  • Duotone Filters for Image effects:

The new update of WordPress 5.8 introduces a new feature of the Duotone filter. It enables you to color the cover and images of the blocks. Although it comes with few presets, you can also create your own by choosing the color to integrate with your theme. However, the WordPress theme also has its own presets to match the theme colors.

  • Widget Area Block

In WordPress 5.8, a new block-based widget screen is introduced. The latest version of WordPress allows you to add a vast world of blocks to the Widget area.  It will give more flexibility to the users as they can insert various items. This feature is relatively new and might require time to adapt.

PDF Viewer:

Previously, WordPress did not support the capabilities of the PDF viewer. In WordPress 5.8, there is a PDF viewer block which means you can now easily embedded the PDFs on your page. Now, you can manually adjust the height of the PDF. Moreover, these features also give a new option to visitors to download the PDF file.

To wrap up:

With Full Site editing, WordPress 5.8 marks a milestone on the road. With this new update, the users and developers will work on new and improved features like WebP image support, block editor, new theme.json mechanism, and much more on the WordPress website. 

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