The Best solution to Troubleshoot Non-Synchronization Issue of Arlo Camera with the Arlo camera Base Station?

The Best solution to Troubleshoot Non-Synchronization Issue of Arlo Camera with the Arlo camera Base Station?

When you are trying to set-up orrnattaching a new Arlo security camera with the Arlo base station, your securityrncamera may sometimes fail to sync (synchronize) with the SmartHub and with thernbase station. The Arlo wire-free camera cannot be recognized by the basernstation until it is strongly synced. To review some common remedies and torntroubleshoot the problem, contact the support team via Arlo Support. Theyrnwill let you know you should accurately sync the Arlo base station to thernwire-free camera.

Yournshould keep your wire-free camera close to the base station and SmartHub

Ensure that your camera should notrnaway the three feet from the base station while you are trying to sync yourrncamera from the base station. If your camera would be three feet away from thernbase station, then the sync process will not work. That time you need to pressrn& release the sync key. Make a call on Arlo Tech SupportrnPhone Number to troubleshoot the sync process.

Stepsrnto fix the Non-SynchronizationrnIssue

     When you use arnparticular LED base station and smart hub, you should not press the sync key.rnWhen the blue color LED blinks swiftly, then the base station & smart-hubrnis syncing with your wire-free camera.

     When you use thernMulti-LED Base Station, that time, you need to press the Sync button. When thernLED over the camera icon is flashing becoming green color, then your basernstation is syncing with the Arlo camera. ( when you press the sync button for arnlong time, then LED will blink amber. During this condition, you need to waitrnapprox 15 minutes, after 15 minutes you need to try this process again.)

     When you use thernArlo Ultra wire-free camera, you do not need to press the sync button. When thernblue LED blinks fast, then the Arlo camera is syncing with the Arlo basernstation.

     When you use anyrnArlo security camera such as Arlo wireless, pro, pro 2, Go, Baby, then you needrnto press the sync button on the upper of the camera. When you see the LEDrnblinks fast, then your security camera syncs with your base station. 

rnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnIf you are unable to troubleshoot Non-Synchronization Issue of Arlo Camerarnwith the Arlo camera Base Station. Then dial Arlo CustomerrnService Number. The Netgearrncertified team will let you know about more solution. 

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