Do you happen to be a real estate agent struggling to close deals or break even? Our panel of experts at Nebullus Buildcon has charted out 6 tips that could be essential for you in the way you do business.

Preview a lot of homes

When you’re having a slow day or have some time in between your schedule, make sure to preview homes.Keep a list of all the currently available properties that pique your interest, when you have some off time, go out and check them. This enthusiasm can be contagious when you find a great house and you start telling your clients about it. Furthermore, something you’ve seen and are genuinely interested in is a lot easier to sell rather than something seen in pictures.

Get out of your cubicle

If your firm has space, pay extra for a private office. This allows you to be able to speak freely and make negotiations a whole lot easier. It also allows you to have sensitive conversations, which is hard to do when you’re out in the open. It also helps with your clients who will take you more seriously and see you as a professional when you have your own office.

Secure yourself financially

Never be an agent who desperately needs to make a sale because they have bills to pay. It’s easy to sniff out a desperate agent who is working, not out of passion, but out of sheer desperation and selfishness. It’s also easy to figure out if you’re serving your interests or your clients’. If you have ample reserves in your bank account, you tend to be more open and honest with your clients, which helps them make the best decision without it worrying you. Don’t let your financial ground cloud your judgement and compromise your clients’ interests.

Hard work better than talent

What you lack in talent, can be made up with the sheer and passionate will to work, and work hard at that. Having a stoic determination to succeed sometimes means giving up nights and weekends to show houses or write offers while other agents are busy watching cricket or playing video games. Talent can only get you so far, the rest lies on the shoulders of your abilities. True success in real estate comes only after you’ve spent time doing hard work and achieving what talent wouldn’t have allowed you to.

Put on your best business suit

Even when your day is not as eventful as you’d like it to be, dress like you’re on your way to a meeting with a very important client. Appearance is very important when someone needs to believe in what you’re saying and selling. Most of your clients will judge you on how you dress, if you’re dressed casually and clumsily, it leaves an impression that real estate is a part time gig for you. When you take out time and look professional with a sharp suit, you’ll bolster your own confidence and will inevitably attract a lot more clients than usual.

Hire your own assistant

It just makes sense to hire an assistant. Make a note of what you do in a day which could’ve been done better by an assistant. Invest your time in looking at homes, showing them to clients going on listing presentations, writing offers, connecting and building your network. Once you remove the minutia from your schedule and get good at delegating, your income is sure to go up.

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