Teji infotech ventures into digital marketing training field in Patiala

Teji infotech  made an announcement that it has launched a new series of training program called Digital Marketing.

The present-day job market is reportedly booming and brands are making an effort to put more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before. In fact, Patiala  is facing a shortage of digital marketing professionals. Teji infotech’s new major is expected to solve this problem.

“Many marketers nowadays struggle to stay ahead of Google’s latest algorithms and digital technology changes, so that they fail to deliver effective strategies and tactics when it comes to SEO, social media, content and more. Furthermore, for those who may be concerned about their future job, digital marketing is growing at a fast pace and gradually becomes a potential career path for the young generation in the Industry 4.0 era”, says Trinh Nguyen, Vice Director of Marketing Department of Teji infotech.

The certificate training courses of Digital Marketing range from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO to content marketing, media production and web design.

The curriculum of the training draws on what is practically happening in the current digital marketing field and will be taught by experienced marketers, which enables trainees to gain a deeper understanding of true content engagement and to develop successful strategies for digital marketing.

The teaching method of the courses is available for both experienced trainees and beginners, concentrating on providing them with instantly appliable knowledge and professional skills to perform their best, adapt to the in-demand  digital marketing field and find a suitable job after g\raduation.

About Teji infotech

Founded in 2011, Teji infotech is a Patiala city-based trade school with an aim to orient the young in their careers and provide vocational education along with required technical skills to perform the tasks of multiple specific jobs.With more than various branches nationwide, the school offers a well-trained and high-quality human resource to  a whole range of professions across the nation and globally.

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