Techniques to Learn Before You Write a Story

Techniques to Learn Before You Write a Story

If your friends often tantalize you about your scribbling in a secret diary which you hardly allow them to see, if you find it more comfortable to pen down the stuff you see happening around while your friends are busy chatting, if the simple, day to day phenomena provokes your thoughts, you always have an alternative career as a story writer. How? Here we go!

Essential understandings & qualities

First of all, to write a story, you will have to understand certain aspects of creative writing. Striking the balance between reality & imagination is one of them. If you once understand that equation & can master the art of mixing imagination with facts, your stories will be the most tasteful literary recipe.  Understanding the importance of unspoken words in a story, especially during the climax, is very important.  Since you are the storyteller, you will have to put yourself in the readers’ shoes & understand their psychology & emotional quotients while reading your work.

Room for imagination

Leaving a room for readers imagination at times works well to bridge the gulf between the writers & their readers; which leads to the very success of the story.  Secondly, besides having these basic understandings, you will also have to be an observant character, with some analytical skills to introspect the apparently most common incidents with some elation & spectacular understanding to present them in front of the mass to attract their attention & helping them understand the matter with ease.  Your usage of the language & selection of words also plays a very important role to determine the popularity of your stories.  Thus, as a human being, if you are both sensitive & sensible enough, you are already a step ahead to become successful in story writer.

Usefulness of the Writing Websites

If the above paragraph sounds much like you, then go on reading because here you will get to realize the importance of the several Writing websites which actually unfolds a whole new world of learning in front of the budding writers. These websites will help you learn the nitty-gritty of writing a story, right from the Title selection to Plot construction to character analysis & their importance in presenting a well-knit story with literary values. 

How you get help

In these sites, you will enrich yourself with new ideas about writings, new tips to how to start writing or even, where to post them after you finish writing your first one. A whole new vista will open in front of your eyes & plough the seeds of newer ideas & contexts for your further projects. Moreover, going through these sites will brush & polish the uncut, crude diamond in a well-shaped, glittering, invaluable jewel – YOU - in front of your readers.   History says, most of the legendary writers have never known the hidden storyteller within unless that one spark through a random incidence put them in unrest until they could pen it down. So, let your multidimensional thoughts keep you in unrest, till the world discovers the next-gen literary maestro in you.

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