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Have you ever wondered what makes precious violet gemstones so precious? Do you want to know how the value of precious stones is determined? Whether it is a gem with a very high value such as diamond, ruby and red sapphire, or somewhat less expensive - but just as beautiful - such as aquamarine, created opal  and rose quartz, gems remain a special gift, collector's item or accessory. If you are planning to sell your gem collection or start one, there are a few things to think about in addition to the cut, color and clarity.


What makes a gem so valuable

Precious stones are composed of mineral crystals and then cut and polished in various shapes and sizes. They are usually used for decoration, in jewelry and as decoration. According to our gems experts, there are a few things to look out for if you want to know what your zircon lab gems are worth.

  1. Durability- One of the most important characteristics of a gemstone is its durability, no matter how beautiful or unique it may look. Because, what does it really matter how beautiful your gem is if it is not durable? But don't be fooled - sustainability is more than just hardness. For example, fission is the property of a gemstone to break when struck. It may be surprising, but although diamond is one of the hardest gems, it is not necessarily one of the most durable. Rubies and sapphires may not be as hard as diamonds, but they do not split and can therefore generally be considered more durable.
  2. Rarity- People want to be unique and the same goes for the things they own. That makes it easier to understand why we are attracted to rare and scarce gems. It can feel exciting and special to wear a gem that very few other people own. Some of the rarest gems are Tanzanite, a powerful blue variant of Zoisite found only in Tanzania, and colorless zircon, the stone that changes color.
  3. Acceptability- It is almost the opposite of what has just been mentioned, but fashion trends and developments also play an important role in determining the value of different gems. Some gems are very popular for certain occasions, such as diamonds on an engagement ring. Seasonal trends and fashionable colors can also influence what is 'in fashion'. For example, in the past ten years there has been a comeback of color and creativity in luxury jewelry trends, in which stones such as turquoise, lapis and coral were made popular again. It is of course not only about fashion, but also about personal tastes and preferences.
  4. Beauty- Finally, there is the factor of beauty Beauty is very subjective for every individual - what someone finds beautiful varies from person to person. It is about what you find beautiful and therefore about finding the best gem for you. As with virtually any other item in the world, synthetic corundum are worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It is only a matter of finding the right buyer!

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