SuiteCRM DocuSign Integration

SuiteCRM DocuSign Integration

Outright Systems Docusign allows businesses to close their deals and manage their business processes more efficiently. Now businesses can synchronize their documents on to the SuiteCRM platform using the Docusign tool. Users can now send their documents from SuiteCRM with the assistance of Docusign plugin in a faster and reliable manner, allowing businesses to save time and increase productivity.

With the help of the DocuSign plugin users can also restrict access to users and maintain privacy. Users can send their documents for signature from SuiteCRM platform and docu sign can be configured to ensure that users are sending their documents through their accounts by allowing access to the users to the DocuSign admin account.

SuiteCRM DocuSign Integration

Why do Businesses Need Docusign Integration with SuiteCRM Platform

In order to stay ahead of the competition information should be available on a real-time basis and in order to achieve this goal business process automation is required. Businesses cannot afford to waste time in sending the documents to get signed, it is necessary to convert the documents into a digital format. The execution is documented getting signed should not take hours but it should be one in minutes. By sending your documents in a digital format one can be assured that it has been sent to the right person at the right time. This way sales representatives can close deals at a faster rate and increase productivity.

Businesses no longer have to restrict themselves to the old way of sending the documents physically to get them signed. Users can now simply send documents in a PDF format to their customers and clients. Users also have the ability to add and remove documents as per their preference. Outright systems DocuSign works in synchronization with multiple modules such as contacts, leads, and accounts. DocuSign integration with multiple modules allows users to send documents from the modules in PDF templates for signature.

Benefits of SuiteCRM Docusign Integration

Docusign allows sales representatives to gather signatures from the customers and upload the documents into their relative modules accordingly in a PDF format.

Users will also receive updates and notification on a real-time basis from the SuiteCRM platform. This allows users to keep track of their activity and changes in the status in the concerned modules.

In a fast-paced environment, a business can no longer waste valuable time in sending the documents physically. DocuSign will allow businesses to function in a more faster and more reliable manner. DocuSign allows users to convert the document into a digital file and send it for signature, this procedure ensures that the business is being conducted in a more safe and secure way.

Here are some of the key features of DocuSign Plugin:

  • SuiteCRM and DocuSign synchronization on a real-time basis.
  • Documents can be uploaded, downloaded, signed and previewed immediately after they have been signed.
  • DocuSign also maintains customer records in SuiteCRM. Customer history maintained.
  • DocuSign will also create a customer profile in the SuiteCRM for the customer that did not exist before in the records.

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