Sony Vaio not booting.

Sony Vaio not booting.

Sony Vaio not booting.

Introduction of Sony Computer.

Sony computer,  headquarter is located in Azumino, Nagano in Japan, Vaio is a manufacturer who makes personal computers and smartphones.

Vaio is a brand introduced by sony, and it is introduced in 1996.

At first sony makes computers in 1980 exclusively for the Japanese market, Sony re-enters in the global computer market, with the Vaio brand, began in 1996.

Sony is a Japanese multinational company who guarantees of high performance with complete perfection.

User consider sony computers, they are known for great designs, looks as well as performance.

Because of some reason, sony computer lag in working tasks. To deal with such issues, Sony gives customer support for the customer so that helps customer to deal with their issues.

How to Fix a Sony Vaio Not Turning On.

If a user is own a sony computer and sometimes user will going to face problem that the laptop is not turning on. Many user are facing this problem when the laptop suddenly get stops starting. Whenever a user presses the button, green light will turn on for few seconds and suddenly will turn off.

There are few tricks that will help user to save a lot of time and money too.

There are two methods which helps user to guide. In the case if  the first method fails, then in that case go for the second method which helps user to troubleshoot the problem and by the help of which user will going to find where the problem is.

Check before Trying Method.

  • Make sure that battery is charged. Keep the AC adapter in for some time.

  • Make sure that the AC adapter is in working process.

  • User have to make sure  that a user is using the sony computer original adapter.

  • And also make sure the adapter is with the main switch not with the extension.

Method 1 :- Unplugged the battery and the AC adapter too.

·         First user have to turn off the laptop and unplug the AC input.

·         Now remove the battery.

·         Press the power button for 60 seconds then release it.

·         Now put the battery back.

·         Now plug in the AC and turn on the laptop.

Method 2 :- Direct AC Method.

·         What a user have to do is turn off the laptop and unplug AC input.

·         Now remove all the external devices like mouse, keyboard etc.

·         Remove battery.

·         Now press the power button for 5 seconds and then release it.

·         Plug AC input and press the power button without battery. If the laptop is working Then it means the fault is in the battery.

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