Smart Home Appliances For The Tech-Savvy Homeowner

Smart Home Appliances For The Tech-Savvy Homeowner

Technology has made incredible strides in the last 20 years. From the mass adoption of the internet to smartphones, technology touches our lives in ways we could have never imagined. That includes home appliances. With the explosion of the internet of things, home appliances are more connected than ever and a tech-savvy homeowner has quite a lot of options for making their home as technologically advanced as possible. Many people have an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device in their homes, but there are so many things you can do with those platforms. From home automation hardware & software to robot lawnmowers, the future is really here!

3D Food Printing

The invention of 3D printing was sure to take the world by storm. The ability to print almost anything you need with the right materials appeals to many consumers and businesses alike. Because we are living in the future, a 3D food printer has been invented. The XYZ food printer can print one cookable item at a time and is very good at printing dough-based food likes cookies and pastries. Once the item has printed just plop it into the oven and enjoy your high-tech food!


For the most part, ovens are functionally the same as they were 20 years ago. They do what’s asked of them and work generally without issue. Well, there’s a new sheriff in the oven town and its name is the Dacor Discovery IQ. This oven has an Android-powered tablet as it’s touchscreen interface and can be set to recognize when a dish is ready and change the oven to warming mode. Sounds like something Spock would create!

Home Automation

Love the functionality of your smart home automation but not crazy about the look of the smart speakers? The Mui interactive wood panel is just for you. This tastefully designed wood panel can help you run all of your smart gadgets in a beautiful package. It’s got a smart speaker install inside of it and responds to haptic touch like swiping or just a regular ol’ touch.

Energy Efficiency

With all of the amazing tech developments available to homeowners, there’s a lot of options for those who are both interested in tech but also like to lower their impact on the environment. One of the areas in your home that uses the most energy is your water heater. Thankfully, water heating technology has come a long way, tankless or solar water heaters are offered more by manufacturers and can often come with tax incentives to help offset the costs. AO Smith’s Cirrex solar water heating system is one of the most popular solar water heating systems available. The page says homeowners could save up to 70% on water heating costs, which is mind-blowing!

These are a few smart home appliances and gadgets that any tech-savvy homeowner should consider! There are a ton of options for those interested in improving their homes tech savviness especially those considering home automation and whole home audio systems. The power of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant is incredible and will only grow with time!

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