Simple Steps to Remove Black Magic & Negativity for Non-Magician

Simple Steps to Remove Black Magic & Negativity for Non-Magician

Are you are non-magician? Have you or any of your family member been affected by dark magic. The evil practices like black magic are common in India. If you feels you are under the influence of an evil forces, you can help yourself with below  steps –         

Positivity and spiritualism are powerful enough to easily remove black magic in india.

You must keep in touch with your family and friends through social media and phone calls. The most you are surrounded by positive people who care for you the better you will feel

Here is what you can do -

1.     Join some chat rooms where you can find people who have been home arrested like you. It will be easier for you to share how you feel with them.

2.     Don’t stop enjoying your life. Sing your favorite songs, dance and exercise.

3.     If you have all the ingredients available, make your favorite dishes.

4.     Read your favorite ebook on Kindle.

5.     Learn a new language. You are not going out of home so you have the time to invest in learning a new language.

6.     Take care of yourself. Pamper yourself by bathing with body scrub, doing a makeover, etc. This will reinforce your self-esteem and personal motivation.


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7.     Express yourself by jotting down your thoughts. If you aren’t hesitant to share your feeling, start your own blog and write how you feel. The comments and responses you get from others will improve your Self-efficacy. In case you don’t want to share your thoughts, write a daily dairy. Writing brings clarity of mind.

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8.     When your house assert period gets over you can look upon the dairy and map your future journey.


9.      Don’t cry or feel sorry about yourself because the more you do it, the more black magic will affect you. Your main goal is to not feel isolated. So, try to be happy by practicing mindfulness, mediation, yoga, etc.


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10.                        Don’t drink or smoke - It will make the situation worst. The better thing to engage your mind that does less harm than drinking & smoking is ‘binge watching’. Choose a new web series or a show from netflix that is from genera which you don’t care much about. It is refreshing to see something entirely different then what you generally watch.


11.                        Check your bad habit. The situation shouldn’t go out of your control. Pray to god as often you can.  You are solely responsible for your actions. Use the power of manifestation & stop yourself from being obsessed from anything. If you don’t stop you will maintain that habit even after you are legally allowed to interact with others.

I have never been through a black magic ritual so I have no idea of how it feels but I definitely know it’s a total chaos. Don’t fall into the trap of black magic & use the above steps to remove negative energies that suck your positivity.

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