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Silent Acid Reflux occurs when the excessive production of stomach acid starts flowing upwards through your esophagus causing discomfort in your throat mostly behind the breastbone area in the middle of the esophagus trunk. Although it does not always make you feel the irritation of heartburn it may cause damage to the throat area, especially in the vocal cord.

Therefore, Silent Acid Reflux actually refers to the backflow of acidic stomach content into the esophagus through the lower oesophageal sphincter (LES) that reaches to the throat area and causes irritation in your throat. But it may not be necessarily causing heartburn, although it can lead to frequent coughing and throat clearing along with hoarseness.


Nutrition and silent Reflux


The Silent Reflux Diet is very important in eliminating the aggravation of reflux symptoms. It helps reducing muscle relaxation in your lower esophagus area that includes lower oesophageal sphincter which is the gateway of your stomach and prevents acidic stomach content to flow upwards to your esophagus. If the oesophageal sphincter is relaxed, it cannot be closed properly and leaves a gap that allows the acidic content to flow upwards which is the main reason for silent reflux.


Along with right medication, proper diet plays a very key role in eliminating silent reflux symptoms and gets you rid of the problem permanently.


Foods that you are to avoid in silent acid reflux


For following a proper silent reflux diet, first, you need to know which the foods you should avoid taking are:

·         You are to stay away from high-fat foods, sweets, and all kinds of acidic beverages.

·         You must avoid whole fat dairy products as well as fatty cuts of meats.

·         You should completely restrain yourself from consuming alcohol and tobacco smoking.

·         Stay away from caffeine and avoid drinking tea as much as possible.

·         Avoid kiwis, sodas, and onions.

·         Stop taking acidic fruits like orange, pineapples, grapefruits, tomatoes, limes etc.

·         Chocolates and mints are also avoidable for you.

·         But above all, you should always restrain from taking spicy and oily food.


These are the foods that always weaken your oesophageal sphincter.


Foods you are advised to take in combating you are silent reflux disorder


·         The diet for silent reflux disorder is kind of usually balanced diets which should be high in fiber, vegetables, and lean proteins. Limiting the salt content in your diet is also a key factor to reduce reflux symptoms.

·         You must have whole grains in your regular diet. The food produced from whole grains is quite useful while you are suffering from Reflux disorder.

·         Lean meats are advisable for you to replenish your protein necessity. Since these meats are with relatively low-fat content, they cause lesser problems for acidity. Skinless chicken and turkey are always good for you.

·         You are always advised to consume a lot of leafy green vegetables and legumes. They are very good at reducing the acid content in your stomach.

·         Amongst fruits, apples and bananas are good for you to check acidity.

·         Always avoid beverages that contain caffeine.

·         And above all drink a lot of water every day preferably 3 liters per day.

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