Significant Reasons to do Trekking Ecuador | Sierra Nevada Expeditions

Significant Reasons to do Trekking Ecuador | Sierra Nevada Expeditions

Trekking Ecuador is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Walking in nature with nothing but a backpack is a wonderful experience which is also good for your health. It does not matter whether you prefer hiking for a few hours, a day or doing multiple-day treks, Ecuador makes for the perfect place to go, and here is why:

Trekking Ecuador has some of the world’s Best Trails

Ecuador is a country famous, in addition to the Galapagos Islands, for its numerous volcanoes. All of the routes are extraordinarily well maintained, and you will most likely not discover any trash along the trails of trekking Ecuador at all, unlike many trails in other countries. There are trails for newcomers, who want a casual walk while enjoying the scenery, to hard multiple-day treks that require decent equipment and a guide with mules as well as porters.

The amazing diversity of landscapes

Where ever you go, none of the trails will feel and look the same. Starting from active volcanoes to blue turquoise lakes and seemingly endless valleys to the Amazon rainforest covered in clouds, it can be argued that no country is as miscellaneous as Ecuador. Get amazed with the rapidly changing surroundings of Ecuador!

Trekking is a Great Experience!

When you are trekking Ecuador, you will most likely be so focused on the beauty around you that you totally forget that your body is working very hard. Unlike running on a treadmill where you are in the same sweaty room for your whole exercise, trekking in nature feels much lighter. Added advantage points for hiking or trekking at altitude include burning even more calories, due to thinner air as well as less oxygen, as you are making your body work even harder.

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