Shopify Bundle Products app

Shopify Bundle Products app

The Thimatic team of a Shopify application developer hasrnlaunched the extreme solution to increase sales of e-commerce store owners.rnThis marketing tool can help businesses to sell more items in one customerrnencounter and can open doors to new products as well as flat & non-sellingrnproducts in your store.


What Is BundlernProducts Shopify App Doing?


It is a bundling application which offers multiple productsrnin one combo with lesser prices. For example, you might buy a T-shirt and get arnbundle deal with jeans, cap, shoe. Now, if you purchase a single product willrncost you more where the total bundle price will always lesser than anrnindividual product. Store owner just needs to place a single line of code tornshow the custom bundle anywhere in an entire store. Within one minute, set uprnthe application and start your everyday extra income with bundle products app.

Let's Jump To ThernCore Feature To Must Have A Bundle Products App In Your Shopify Store.

* Within fewer clicks, you can make unlimited customrnbundles.

* Promote single product in multiple product bundle.

* You can show discount anywhere in your store with customrnbundles.

* Create a bundle in advance and it will automaticallyrndisplay at the selected date.

* Active and deactivate product bundles anytime.

* Make profits with smooth products through productrnbundling.

* Increase long-term benefits & sales by offering anrnattractive combo package to customers.

* Tracking bundling performance and customer satisfactionrnhelp assure long-term benefits.

* Customer will achieve a cluster of satisfaction throughrnone purchase only.

* You can completely customize the layout and style of thernproduct page to style your product bundle differently.

Get Extra sales & income with this marketing strategyrnand increase average order value of your store. The application will let yourncreate a bundle as many as you like because we know how to take care of ourrnbusiness and relationships with the customers.

rnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnFor more info visit our website : Thimatic Themes

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