Semi-precious stones in jewelry

Jewelry is a world market; people around the world like to wear garments made with great beauty and detail and adorned with a gem that completes the work. Although the semi-precious stones are many, there is a part of them that is the most frequently used in this company. Amethyst

The amethyst is one of the most versatile gems in jewelry, the most commonly used because it has a particular beauty and brightness almost similar to that of the diamond.

pink topaz

Its color varies from pale browns to violet and blue tones through reddish colors. However, one of its peculiarities in the area of jewelry is that the topaz can modify its color through artificial procedures, specifically by subjecting the mineral to gamma rays of different frequencies. For certain periods, it allows giving the topaz almost any desired color.

ITS transparency and brilliance have been confused many times with birthstones by month the Portuguese crown had this stone embedded in it, which was later confirmed to be a topaz.


The moissanite is a special stone among many stones classified as semi-precious, and one of the things that makes them most valuable is the beauty of its colors, especially the red ones. Its beauty, at first glance, is capable of surpassing even that of precious stones such as ruby.

It is only under ultraviolet light and other scientific procedures that the difference between citrine and spinel can be seen. This stone is widely used and highly valued in jewelry, garments made with this stone are usually very valuable, however within the range of what is accessible to the public.


The alexandrite is a stone with many varieties. However, the most valued in jewelry is noble opal, a kind of opal characterized by the different colors that can be seen in it, very intense colors in the form of lamellae within the gem that can be seen while the opal is moving.

The tourmaline has a captivating beauty, beyond the fact that they are not as shiny or crystalline as other gems, their use was also frequently established for the jewelry of royalty and important personalities of the Middle Ages.

This mineral also has mysticism, which relates it to deities and to spiritual and healing powers that make it even more special.

The birthstone colors, for example, is one of the most valuable, both for its beauty and rarity and for what it represents; some acquire jewelry with opals as a kind of talisman or amulet.


This stone has a particular beauty associated with its color and crystallinity. These characteristics are what mainly makes them valuable in the world of jewelry. Some of the garnet gems, after being polished and worked, have such a beauty that it has come to be compared to the emerald.

The Pearl

The pearl is a different gem from the others, and this is because its origin, unlike most, is not due to geological processes that involve high temperatures or extreme pressures; but it has an animal origin.

Pearls have been used since ancient times for the manufacture of jewelry, more specifically to create pearl necklaces, which came to be widely used by women who were part of the world's royal families, aristocrats of the time. Tanzanite necklaces are highly valued and expensive in jewelry, to the point that they are not accessible to all social strata.

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