See The Big Five on Kenya Wildlife Safari Tours

The African Big 5 are the undisputed superstars and the reason tourists set out early on dawn and dusk Kenya wildlife safari excursions. Seeing any of the Big 5 living free and wild in their natural habitats remains a memorable thrill at the top of the most travelers’ bucket list.

Before planning your luxury Kenya wildlife tours, you should know the Big Five in a better way. Please check out this post and understand more about the African superstars:

The African Buffalo –

The Cape or African buffalo is a large, horned bovine living in East and South Africa. Both males and females have horns that stand out as a bone shield around the top of their skulls.

Buffalo are very fearless and unpredictable animals. This is why buffalo have never been domesticated. A huge herd of buffalo can be intimidating a pride of lions easily. There is footage of a resolute buffalo keeping its head down and simply walking off attacking lions that are juvenile.

Lions –

Lions are one of the most widespread large land mammals. Currently, they are vulnerable wild species and most of the wild lions around the world are living in the sub-Saharan Africa.

Lions are social as compared to other cats. A pride consists of related females, their cubs and a handful number of adult males. Prides can enjoy spending their days dozing in comfort and hunting in the dark hours between dusk and dawn. Generally, females hunt together and are well-known as apex predators.

Leopards –

Leopards are much lighter and smaller than jaguars with same rosettes on their fur. Likewise jaguars, the melanistic leopards are called as black panthers. They are solitary creatures that make the perfect use of camouflage.

Leopards are experts of camouflage, naturally shy and nocturnal. This is why they are hard to find and observe in the wild. If you want to see the leopards, let your tour operator know. They will arrange your game viewing in game reserves where leopard sightings are common and population is steady as well as healthy.

Elephants –

Visit Amboseli National Park. Home of the Elephants. Get great sightings of elephants is during swimming, wallowing and spraying them with water. Male elephants are largest terrestrial animal species around the world. They reach height of four meters or 13 feet and weigh up to 15000lb or 7000kg.

Their incisors grow into tusks that they utilize to dig, move objects and as weapons. Their large ears help them control their body temperature. The females live in family groups with their calves while mature males live alone or in a herd of bachelors. The elephants are gregarious with diverse family groups socializing together.

Rhinoceros –

Rhinos are available in different colors that range from medium brown to pale grey. Well, they are not their color, but the shape of upper lip that determines which sub species is which. Black rhinos have a pointed, hooked upper cleft lip whereas white rhinos / smiling Rhino have a square, broad upper lip.

The rhinoceros are classified as critically endangered species. A rhino horn is made of keratin – the substance as our hair and nails need. This means, it will re-grow if cut. Like elephants, the sheer massive bulk of rhinos make for a great variety of composition options.

Rhinos feature lone individuals in a wide open landscape. You will find hopeful images of youngsters that horns have yet to grow.

Bottom Line –

Now you got the ideas about African Big Five. What are you waiting for? Please check out luxury Kenya wildlife tours and itineraries available at Best Camping Tours & Safaris. Make your booking for Kenya wildlife safari holiday and avoid last minute chaos!

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