Schindler Escalator Brushes Made by AOQUN

Schindler Escalator Brushes Made by AOQUN

Mr. Xin is the purchasing manager of Schindler Elevator Co., Ltd., and large companies are making annual plans for the reduction of raw materials for the purchasing department. Because the supplier of the Schindler Escalator brushes was small and could not cooperate with the cost reduction, Mr. Wang intended to replace the original manufacturer.

Mr. Xin knew AOQUN in the peers through chance, and found Mr. Liu of AOQUN, a professional business manager. Mr. Liu warmly received Mr. Xin and explained it carefully: “AOQUN has been a professional escalator brushes manufacturer for 10 years, and its products are widely distributed in more than 50 regions around the world. In the escalator industry, it also serves ThyssenKrupp. The experience of world-renowned brands such as ThyssenKrupp, Otis, KONE, etc., the products passed the SVHC 169 test report, UL94-V0 test report, AOQUN can fully cooperate with the Schindler, and also has the strength to cooperate with the cost reduction plan.”

After 5 days, I received Mr. Xin’s supplier survey form. Mr. Xin said: The leader is very convinced that the quality of AOQUN is truly superior. Leaders must introduce AOQUN to provide Schindler escalator brushes and finalize the cooperation agreement as soon as possible.

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