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 SBCGlobal is a highly efficient email service which has its customer base spread all across the globe. This email service caters to all the basic requirements of the users. It is necessary that the user resolve this issue at the earliest to get back to using the services provided by SBCGlobal email. This issue is displayed when there are some underlying issues in the recipient’s email address. The users can solve this issue themselves with the help of some basic troubleshooting steps. The users can also avail assistance from trained professionals by connecting with SBCGlobal Customer support Number. The users can also solve this issue by undertaking the methods mentioned in this blog.

Ways to solve error code 550

The ways in which the users can solve the error code 550 is as given below:

Authentication Blocked

The core reason for having to face this issue is when the authentication of the email fails. There could be some issue with the login credentials, or even the SMTP settings could be incorrect. To solve this issue, users can further take up the below-given steps:

· The user would have to access the main program and then choose the option of enabling the SMTP authentication.

· Now the users should select the option of ‘My server required authentication.’

· If you have email client options such as Outlook or Live mail on your system, then you would not require the authentication separately. You would then simply have to click on ‘Yes’ to confirm the process of setup.


Issues with sending emails from the wrong email address

There are times when the users are not sure about the recipient’s email address, to whom they wish to send the mail. It would always be ideal for the user to keep some points in mind to ensure that they do not cause this error. The steps to keep in mind are as given below:

·  Make sure that the email address and password that the user is entering is accurate.

·  If you need to take up the verification, then you would need to enter the email address twice.

· Once you have successfully configured the setup, it would take around 24 hours to get the account activated.

· It is suggested that the users avoid adding any unique characters to their email address or else the server might not be able to recognize the character accurately.


Incorrect Recipient’s Address

Whenever you are sending an email, it would be ideal that you enter the email address of the recipient in the indicated ‘To’ field. But if you enter the wrong email address, then your emails would not be sent. To solve an issue like this, the following steps can be followed:

·If you have any concern regarding the spellings of the email address, it would be ideal first to confirm it and then try sending the email.

·The users should make sure that they are entering the correct spelling, and it is also in the sequence and the correct order.

·It is also essential that the users ensure that the receiver servers stay free from any kind of faults.


If the users face any difficulty while following the below-given steps, then the best option which the users would have is to connect with SBCGlobal phone Number. The users would receive complete guidance regarding any issue which they are facing by connecting with this service.


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