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Dental Implants Abroad ( is a company that provides high-quality dental implants at a reduced price. Patients can get the treatment they need without breaking the bank thanks to locations all over the world. Whether you want a permanent solution for missing teeth or simply want to improve your smile, best place for Dental Implants Abroad has a location and price point that will suit you.

This travel facilitator provides full mouth dental implants abroad, which include doctor consultation, panoramic X-ray, CT scan before and after, tooth extraction (if necessary), anesthesia, 8 dental implants, abutments, temporary prosthesis, overdentures (composite), plasma rapid healing technology, follow-up consultation with the same doctor (every year), 10-year warranty on implants, trip planning from A to Z, 7/7 available advisor while on the trip, and language support.

They also provide all-on-4 dental implants, root canals, whitening, fillings, and other services. Their team of experts can assist you in negotiating costs with the clinic, hotel, and airline, allowing you to focus on getting the dental care you require.

Those who use their services can expect a stress-free experience because the company handles everything from start to finish. All you have to do is select your dental implants and schedule your appointment. It's that simple!

Dental Implants Abroad has a solid reputation as the leading provider of high-quality, low-cost dental implants. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best possible care based on their many years of experience and thousands of patients treated.

According to them: “We offer a wide range of options at prices up to 70% cheaper than in the UK or Europe. We also have over ten years of experience providing dental implants overseas and over 20,000 patients who have had their dental implants with us. And we're officially rated on Trustpilot by past clients, so you can read our reviews and rest assured that your experience will be safe and secure”!

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About Dental Implants Abroad

DentalImplantsAbroad is a medical travel facilitator based in London that connects top Eastern European dental clinics with Western European patients looking for affordable and safe dental care. Our mission is to provide everyone with affordable access to high-quality dental care, with safety and a supportive and caring medical team as top priorities. Dental Implants Abroad is the ideal choice for anyone looking for affordable dental implant treatment abroad, with savings ranging from 50% to 70% off UK prices. Do you have any questions for us? Please call us at 02034889764 or send an email to

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