Salient things you need to know while selecting the best cement for your dream place

Whether you are doing RCC work, high-rise building construction, roof construction, plaster, or flooring, you can achieve high-quality design by selecting the best cement. Hence, perfect cement is one of the primary solutions to a good functioning building. When you decide to buy cement, you will be perplexed because you will face many questions. For eg: Which cement brand is it, What is the cement price, Which cement type is suitable, Is the cement of great quality or not, Is it available nearby, and What will be the transportation cost.

To ensure you make the right decision, the following are the factors you should consider while looking for cement for your dream project.


1. Check the quantity requirement.

Before purchasing the cement, one should estimate the requirement of the cement bags. Depending on the size of the project, it is necessary to order the bags in bulk so that the cement is consumed within three months time period. By ordering the bags in bulk, you get a chance to bargain, and you can save money.

2. Consider the type of cement.

People often need help with selecting cement. People think that cement of any type can get its job done, but that's definitely not the case. Cement companies produce different types of cement for different kinds of construction. The most commonly used cement are Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement, and Portland Slag Cement. Ordinary Portland Cement, also known as OPC cement, is available in three grades OPC-33 grade, OPC-43 grade, and OPC-53 grade. This cement has an early set time and is relatively costlier than PPC cement. The Portland Pozzolana Cement, also known as PPC cement, is a fly ash-based cement that has a longer setting time and is cheaper than OPC. PPC portland is preferred because it is environmentally friendly and is favourable in harsh environmental conditions, while the Portland Slag Cement has a low tendency to crack because it generates low heat during hydration.

3. Check the ISI mark

It becomes hard to make the right choice of selecting the best quality cement, especially where there are so many cement sellers. To find this out, select a well-reputed brand. A good quality cement brand also has the ISI mark on the cement bag, which is one of the best things to certify its quality.

4. Testing the cement

If you want to be sure short, you can also test the cement to determine its durability and distinctive characteristics of cement. Various testing methods can be used to determine the cement's quality, strength, consistency, specific gravity, and fineness. Before using cement in construction, it’s crucial to test the quality of cement and material.

5. Check the information

It is one of the most important things to remember while purchasing cement. You will get a lot of information such as cement prices, manufacturer's name and address, expiry date of cement, net weight, brand name, ISI mark, etc. Hence read the information very carefully.

6. Cement Packaging

Check the quality of cement packaging as it protects the cement from moisture and tampering. The perfect cement packaging does not lessen the quantity of cement.

7. Availability of cement

Last but not least availability of the best cement in your area. Cement delivery to the construction site is an important factor to consider for the consumer. The availability of the required cement at a nearby dealer and its timely delivery ease the construction process as well as helps in cutting down costs. Find out brands and variants available at your nearest dealer, their price, and frequent availability before choosing that brand. 

If you have a basic idea, then choosing the best cement for your building might be a difficult task. Considering the aforementioned considerations, you may choose what best matches your needs. However, if you are still unclear on your choice, then you can avail the facility of Wonder Cement. As the name implies, the team's professionals will help you choose the cement that is most appropriate for you and will explain every aspect of the construction of your dream home in detail. For additional information, either dial 1800 313131 or go to the Wonder Cement website at

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