Salesforce Phone Verification: The Ultimate Guide for Ensuring Data Accuracy

Salesforce Phone Verification: The Ultimate Guide for Ensuring Data Accuracy

Welcome to our blog! Are you tired of sifting through inaccurate and outdated customer information in your Salesforce CRM? You're not alone. Poor data quality can lead to lost sales, decreased customer satisfaction, and a host of other headaches for your business. Luckily, you have a powerful solution to ensure your customer data is always accurate and up-to-date: Salesforce VTP

Let’s dive deep to understand what exactly Salesforce VTP is, why it is a must-have solution for your business, and how it can help your business.

By the end of this guide, you'll clearly understand how you keep your customer data clean, reliable, and ready for action with the help of Salesforce Verify the Phone and other related aspects. So, let's move further.

What is Salesforce VTP?

Verify the Phone is an add-on provided by the 360 SMS app to verify phone numbers in Salesforce. With this app, you can ensure that all phone numbers stored in your database are accurate as it supports real-time phone number verification of customers. 

The chance of poor data quality in your database is reduced and data reliability improves when you have up-to-date contact information of the customers, and this is what you can do with Salesforce VTP. which reduces   

With Salesforce VTP, you can automate the process of phone number verification. The moment you add any phone number to the Salesforce records, the number is automatically checked. This means it allows you to verify numbers right from the collection source. If the phone number is inactive, it will show you the status as invalid. 

You can update your database by adding or removing phone numbers from your database depending on the phone number verification status and maintain data accuracy. This way, you can keep records updated with the correct contact information.

Why Salesforce Verify The Phone Is a Must-Have for Business

Up-to-date and accurate information all the time is the most significant advantage of Salesforce VTP, which is why it is a must-have for businesses. Inaccuracies in important contact data like phone numbers can lead to lost sales, missed opportunities, and decreased customer satisfaction. You can avoid all these consequences by verifying phone numbers in real-time and enjoy various other benefits that matter to every business.

Good Data Quality

Accurate, complete, and up-to-date data, all this you can ensure with the help of the Salesforce VTP app. You can boost sales and marketing efforts, eliminate invalid numbers from the database, and manage data in the best possible way by improving all these three aspects.

Better Efficiency of Employees 

It takes a tremendous amount of time and resources when employees have to check and update contact information manually. 

This leads to reduced productivity and increased costs. With Salesforce Verify the Phone, you can automate the phone number verification process and save employees time, making them more productive.

Enhanced Customer Experience

To improve customer experiences, it is essential to communicate. And to communicate with audiences, intended information must reach audiences which are not possible with inaccurate contact numbers. This is because text message delivery is affected, and intended information does not reach customers. 

With Salesforce VTP,  you can maintain your data health and ensure the correct phone numbers in the database so that every message gets delivered. You can communicate reliably and value your customers, which helps you with increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Tailored Communication Strategies

Another benefit of using Salesforce Verify the Phone is you can identify the type of phone number, whether it is mobile, landline, or VoIP. With such valuable information, you can tailor communication considering the type of phone number you want to target. 

For instance, you can ditch text messaging and  switch to a different mode of communication for landline users. It could be an email. This way, you can effectively communicate and improve business communications.

Knowing the type of number your audience is using, you can use the right means to contact them, which helps you establish connectivity. 

Well-Planned Mobile Campaigns

Before running a mobile campaign, you must ensure that numbers you’re targeting are active and valid. By using Salesforce Verify the Phone to identify mobile numbers, businesses can ensure that they are targeting the correct type of numbers, i.e., mobile sidestepping other types of numbers like landline or VoIP that do not accepts text messages. 

You can easily prepare your data for mobile-first campaigns and also ensure that your every text reaches the intended audience. 

This helps you witness more engagement, conversions, and a better return on investment for mobile marketing efforts.


Salesforce VTP serves you with a perfect tool to enhance the quality of your data. It allows your employees to reduce the manual task of phone number verification and save time for other tasks, which helps to improve their overall efficiency. You can verify phone numbers right from the source of collection in real-time, which helps you maintain your data health and keep your database updated. Besides, you can target the right numbers like mobile, landline, or VoIP to target audiences and improve your business outreach. This helps you reap better returns as you can communicate reliably with your audiences, eliminating incorrect phone numbers from your database.  

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