Retention Aid: Dental Post and Core 

Looking for dental post Houston on the internet? Prefabricated dental Post and Core is used for endodontically treated premolar teeth to restore or rebuild and provide more stability and strength to the tooth. A post and core are a prosthetic that resembles the tooth structure. After the prefabricated post is screwed into the root, a core is used to protect the crown packed with dental composite resin.


What is a Post?

A post is a metal pin placed in the tooth root to support the restored tooth. It is a type of dental restoration required after the root canal to support the natural tooth which isn’t sound enough to retain a conventional crown. A post is screwed into the prepared root canal.

What is the core?

Teeth sometimes go through decay, fracture, tooth loss or cavity, in such cases, a core may be needed. A core replaces the lost tooth structure that is required for crown stability. This creates the foundation for the new restoration.

What materials are used?

A core can be made from amalgam, a metal that is used to make silver fillings and dental composite resin, a dental white filling bond.

Crown’s stability depends on the tooth structure extended into its interiors. By building a core, the dentist can securely enhance the stability of the crown. This helps in maximizing the stability of the crown and its long-term survival chances.

When are post and core needed?

The need depends upon the call of the dental assessment of your tooth and that of the dentist. Usually, the core is placed when one half or more of the teeth crown is missing or lost.

The difference between a post and a core is that the previous is placed to anchor the core to the tooth. A core can be placed at any tooth while the post is placed to the tooth where the root canal has been performed. A post is placed deep inside the space formerly held by the nerves.

Dental Post and Core Problems:

A Post doesn’t strengthen teeth. The research shows that posts provide no build-up or support benefits and in fact is responsible for the weakening of the teeth and increases the risk of tooth fracture.

If natural tooth structure is supportive enough then no post is needed and the dentist himself won’t recommend it.

Does dental insurance cover post and core?

Well Yes, a lot of dental clinics offer medical insurance to support post and core treatment. Generally, benefits run to cover about 50% of the Usual, Customary and Reasonable procedural fee. Usually, in order to receive the maximum benefit, the policyholder is required to meet the plan’s deductible.

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