Reasons To Visit Baku, Azerbaijan For These Vacations

Reasons To Visit Baku, Azerbaijan For These Vacations

Baku, Azerbaijan is the perfect place for history lovers. Itrnhas ancient medieval palaces which tell the story of that times. Rugged landscapernand perfect view under the sky full of stars make Baku Azerbaijan holidays arndream vacation for everyone. The place makes the perfect blend of western andrneastern Europe and Asia. You may get to see diversification in terms of culturernand traditions, and the most amazing thing aboutrnthis country is that people from different cultures and traditions liverntogether with harmony and peace. The country has got some serene landscape andrnbeautiful views helping travelers to explore and visit some extraordinary beautiful places.

Here are some top reasons to add Azerbaijan travel in your priority list:

Historical yet modern:rnThe Ancient cylindrical Maiden tower isrnthe proof of Baku’s history. It is thernperfect example of how history can preservernfor our coming generations. Nizami’s street’s pedestrianrnshopping district will bring back you to the medieval times. You can get to witnessrnthe Baku’s first oil boom straight from the 19th century. You willrnenjoy your walk on the straight and silent streets of Baku, Azerbaijan. Everyrnwalk you will take will make your Azerbaijan travel worth.

Clean and tidy: Azerbaijan’s capital is one of the cleanest places around the world. Itrnis hard to believe that a place in Azerbaijan is known for its cleanlinessrnbecause you will find littering as one of the major problems in some parts ofrnAzerbaijan, especially rural part of this country is not at all clean and isrnfull of litter and dirt. But in Baku, you will hardly see any litter on thernroads. People of the city are habitual of using bins to throw litter andrngarbage.

Safe: Asrncompared to the other capital’s you will find Baku a safe place to walk aroundrnduring night times even. However it does not mean that the place is free fromrncrime, even this place has its share of a criminal record and you do need to berncautious. But still, you will feel at ease and comfortable while walking on thernstreets after the sun sets.

Less number of beggars: if you have ever got a chance to travel to EasternrnEurope and places like Georgia and Armenia you may have noticed some beggars,rnhomeless and alcoholists roaming on the streets. No matter they bother you orrnnot, their presence is likely to make you feel uncomfortable.  But if you are planning for Baku Azerbaijan holidays, be assuredrnyou won't face many of them. Drunks are not allowed to walk on streets and yournmay find very few beggars.

Perfect place for the family: The place is perfect for family vacations. Women andrnchildren can walk freely on the streets even at night. You will not find anyrnlocal staring at you unnecessarily to make you and your family uncomfortable.


We hope these reasons arernenough to add Baku in the list of your must visit place. If you happen to plan Baku Azerbaijan holidays, then we recommend you to plan your holidays through Visit Azerbaijan. They will help you tornplan your trip in the best possible way to make it worth remembering.


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