Reasons to Visit Baku, Azerbaijan during winters

Reasons to Visit Baku, Azerbaijan during winters

Baku Azerbaijan is the perfect spot for a family outing. It has got everything to make it a perfect place to plan your next vacations with your friends and family. But every place has some uniqueness about it if visited in particular season. Though you can plan Baku Azerbaijan travel at any point of time still we recommend you to plan your trip and make your bookings in Baku hotels 3 star during winter vacations. During winters this place something unique about it, the charm and beauty of this place is worth watching. Here we have listed some perfect reasons to plan your Baku Azerbaijan travel during winters only:
  • Winter fair is held every year in December at fountain square and specifically, on 20th December, it takes place in the front of the double gate of fountain square. This fair is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and enter in the New Year. You can feel party mood on the streets of Baku where you can enjoy the street delicacies along with the special street concerts. This time of the year is no less than a festival for this place. If you want to witness the madness of this fair, then postpone your bookings in Baku hotel 3 star for the winter
  • During winters you will get to eat some amazing seafood on the Nizam Street. During this part of year range of food items will be magnificent, some restaurants especially add some live seafood stalls to excite its customers. Salmon, prawns, lamprey and what not, you name it and they will have it. Winters without seafood will be really boring, therefore to taste the fresh and most exotic seafood visit Baku during winter season only.
  • Taking a walk on the streets of Old Baku in winters will be an add-on in the list of most amazing things you have done in your life. The atmosphere will be amazing and you can find the smell of fresh bread being prepared in Tandoor. It will be great time to get mixed up with locals, you can find out more about their culture and traditions. During this part of year entire Baku wears the color of happiness and joy. But to enjoy this closeness and welcoming gesture of locals you must visit old streets of Baku, and always remember if you have not visited old streets of Baku then you have not seen what Baku actually is.
  • Azeri Hamman is yet another reason to visit Baku during winters, people enjoy taking a steam bath during this time of the year and Azeri Hamman is the perfect place to enjoy the steam bath.
  • If you happen to plan your Baku Azerbaijan's travel during New year, you will be amazed to see the fireworks at the national seaside Azerbaijan is known for some amazing fireworks during new year's eve all around the world. To add on the more charm to your new year you need to visit Boulevard to check out the firework as it is reflected in the sea making it a treat for eyes to watch it.

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