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Five Things You Must Do While Buying a House

Buyingrna home is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions of your life. Each of usrnwants to ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to choosing thernbest property or the best deal while choosing the dream home of our loved ones.

However,rnthe process of buying a home has many aspects, and not neglecting one might notrnbe a wise choice in the long run. Below are some guidelines that everyrnpotential buyer should follow before finalizing the transaction:

Tiprn1: Always make a plan for the future

Whatrnyou need to do: Evaluate your needs

Lastrnmonth's story: Renuka and Ajay, a newly married couple, decided to buy a housernin Mumbai. But for lack of time and knowledge, they ran into an obstacle. Theyrnwere looking for the right property. Every weekend, they meticulously followedrnannouncements of upcoming projects. But the more they saw, the more confusedrnthey were.

Finally,rnthey decided to ask Mitesh Shah, a friend and a professional real estaternconsultant, what was the best location and the best time to buy. Mitesh advisedrnthem to invest in a house early in life. "The demand for houses isrnsteadily increasing in Mumbai," he said. Ajay asked Mitesh for some tipsrnto help them start their search. Mitesh says, "But what kind of house arernyou looking for?"

Renuka,rna software engineer like Ajay, said: "Our budget would be about 90 lakernper crore, and we were looking for a place from which we could travelrneasily." Ajay nodded and added, "But, Mitesh, we want arnchild-friendly place, I think in the long run."

It isrnimperative that you evaluate your financial goals, your current lifestyle, andrnyour long-term family needs. Determine the amount of mortgage needed andrnremember that you can avoid paying both rent and IMS, by choosing the loan tornmove. If not, develop a financial plan that allows you to balance rent andrnpre-EMI without depleting your resources.

Tiprn2: Pay Heed to the locality

Whatrnyou need to do: Research on future local development plans

Whyrnwas Thane chosen? After getting a clear idea of ​​Renuka and Ajay's futurernplan, Mitesh told them, "If you want to improve your lifestyle, I suggestrnyou look at Thane, which has recently been ranked as one of the most promisingrncities in the world. India by FIRST Sm @ rt Cities Council and IndicusrnAnalytics (an economic research firm) is the first choice of almost everyrnhomebuyer I meet, with many reputable hospitals, good schools and multiplexesrnThane life is very convenient., Thane is centrally located and the next metrornline will facilitate travel. "


Whenrnchoosing the location, homebuyers should look for the historical price trendrn(per square foot) of the area. This will give a fair idea of ​​the expectedrngain from real estate investments. Other factors to look for include socialrninfrastructure, proximity to nature and means of transport.

Tiprn3: Check the developer credentials

Whatrnyou need to do: Learn about past / current projects

Arncautious decision: Renuka and Ajay rejoiced and thanked Mitesh for his insightsrnon Mumbai's real estate prospects. Before leaving, Mitesh said, "Remember,rnopt for a well-known and experienced developer in this region with a good trackrnrecord of project execution - it's by far the most prudent decision,rnfinancially.”


Housingrnbuyers must ensure the quality of the building materials used in the selectedrnproject. The developer's commitment to executing the projects in accordancernwith the plan and the history of rapid possession of apartments are otherrnaspects to consider. Choose a developer with a credible reputation andrngoodwill.

Tiprn4: Review the proposed layout plans

Whatrnyou need to do: Review the project plans

Drawingsrnfor all: Renuka and Ajay started looking for the house of their dreams atrnGhodbunder Road in Thane. Mitesh had informed them that this particular regionrnhad experienced unprecedented growth over the last five years. With theirrnsearch horizon now reduced to 20 km, they hoped to soon be able to choose arnlocation. Like any other homebuyer, they were looking for an aesthetic projectrnwith excellent ventilation, exceptional connectivity and convenient amenitiesrnfor all age groups.

Examinernthe layout plans to make sure that everything promised is included in thernproject layout. Projects with a plethora of amenities are preferred by most homebuyers. Check if the amenities offered meet the needs of all members ofrnyour family. Yoga centers, walking trails, playgrounds for toddlers, parkingrnspaces, sports pavilions, common rooms, club house, etc. are some of thernfeatures of a good residential project.

Tip5: Quick checklist before the act

What you need to do: search for transparent offers

Todaystory: Renuka and Ajay plan to move into their new apartment in a few weeks.rnYes, they booked a BHK at Thane's Ghodbunder Road. The place they chose is richrnin natural beauty and far exceeds their expectations. The couple was last seenrncelebrating the good news with their friends and family.


Buyersrnmust search for transparent transactions. A representative from Vijay Group andrnSuraksha Realty, a Thane-based real estate joint venture, said, "Ask yourrndeveloper if the project is approved by the major housing loan companies."rnThis would make it easier to get credit approvals. loan faster, the certificaternof occupation or the certificate of completion of the developer afterrncompletion of the project. "Among the different aspects of buying a house,rnthe representative pointed out the following:

Beforernsigning the deed of sale: Before signing the deed, read carefully its clausesrnto avoid any unpleasant surprises later. In addition, also check the followingrndetails:

Your name, address and PAN

Address (specification) of the purchased property

Parking clause, if applicable

Thernrepresentative also stated: "Our group's philosophy of maintaining thernhighest level of clarity is the cornerstone of our offering, and we believe inrnthe need to build long-term relationships with our customers." Our currentrnproject, Orovia - The country of prosperity, launched in January, has been wellrnreceived by buyers looking for unparalleled quality, a central location andrnprofitable investments, and has a wide range of thoughtful amenities. andrnoffers the comfort of an urban lifestyle amid serene river landscapes andrngenerous nature. "


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