Read This to Learn About the 3 Main Types of Stairlift Designs

It is estimated that by the time we reach 2030, older adults would account for approximately 20 to 25 percent of the population of the country. A large percentage of these adults want to stay independent and live in their residential places as long as it is possible. Finding the sweet spot where both mobility and home comfort can be fully maximized, it is a good idea to invest in a elderly lift assist equipment such as a stairlift for their easy movement in between the floors of the home. Even though stairlift designs vary quite a lot, having an understanding of the 3 major types can help you choose the one which is going to best fit your particular needs and demands. Having said that, here is a guide to help you know the three main stairlift designs. 

Seated Stairlifts For Straight Staircases

If you are someone who uses a wheelchair and need to deal with straight staircase at your home, a seated stairlift might be the stairlift just for you. These are the most common types of stairlift that people can think of, it is a seated device that can be attached to the stairway railing so that patients can navigate in between the floors effortlessly. You can find some nice shops who can sell you straight stairlifts in Brighton or any other areas. While these stairlifts types are quite popular and useful, it might be little difficult to install them, especially when the stairway is narrower than usual. However, if you talk to an expert, they can walk you through with virtually any type of straight staircase to help you find the right model. 

Angled Platform Lifts for Stairs

Many a times there may come a situation when the patient would need to sit in their wheelchair to access the stairs. This is an excellent solution for individuals who have difficulty transferring to a seat and would prefer to go up and down the stairs while positioned in their assuring and comfortable wheelchair. An inclined platform lift can be a great solution for this type of a situation. 

Stairlifts For Curved Staircases

Seated stairlifts that can be used for curved staircases are quite similar to those that are meant to be used for straight staircases. They basically serve the same purpose, however, the design is given more emphasis to assist the winding nature of the wider curved stairs. Remember that when a staircase goes around even if it just one corner, it is a curved staircase, which necessarily means that this particular stairlift design is right for you. You can buy curved stairlifts in Brighton from a reliable online store.   

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