React Native - Future of Hybrid Mobile App Development

React Native - Future of Hybrid Mobile App Development

Have you decided to develop a mobile application for your business? Well, you have made a decisive step. The reason is that mobile apps these days have become essential for businesses to interact with customers, promote products & services, improve sales, and revenue.

iOS and Android are two significant platforms for mobile app development and you can choose either or both of them, for your business application development. You may be considering how to choose the correct platform for your product.

It's a really great idea to make your business app on both platforms and enjoy some noteworthy benefits. Simultaneously, creating applications on both iOS and Android is a costly deal. It isn't feasible for each business especially for startups to build applications separately on both platforms via the native approach, as they have a limited budget to spend on it.

However, new startups business owners have a reason to smile, as React Native lets them reap out the benefits of both platforms by creating hybrid applications. The framework is known for having a short app development cycle, quicker deployment, and high-quality performance.

The purpose of this article is to let you comprehend the reasons why React Native is the future of hybrid mobile app development or is React Native great for mobile app development.

What is React Native?
Developed by social media giant Facebook, React Native is an open-source hybrid app development framework.

Continue reading this article to know why React Native is the Future of Hybrid App Development:

Amazing UI
React Native is the best mobile application development framework for those looking for an app with a profoundly responsive and quick loading UI (user interface). In spite of the fact that it is a framework, it works as a JavaScript library. Thus, the interaction of JavaScript inside the native environment UI conveys a seamless user experience.

Reusability of Code
Another most vital thing about React Native is that more than 90% of its code incorporates reusable components that can be easily reused for both iOS & Android platforms. This assists developers with keeping up the look, consistency, functionality, speed and etc, like native applications.

Developer's Choice
React Native is seeing its gigantic fame among app developers because it is based on JavaScript, which most of the developers know about. Developers discover it very easier to work with JavaScript, compared with native applications.

Quick Reloading
React Native augments productivity and diminishes overall development time. It allows developers to keep the application running while at the same time implementing new versions and tweaking the UI.

Native Functionality
The credit goes to React Native for revamping the functionality of native apps. Based on Facebook's React JS UI library, it makes the hybrid app more agile & fast and furthermore brings certain astounding benefits of hybrid app development, including simplified programming, DOM abstraction, remarkable performance and substantially more.

Shorter Development Cycles
React Native makes it possible of creating versatile applications rapidly; because of the vast community that bolsters developers to resolve their queries at any phase of app development and achieve it rapidly. Reusability of code, as mentioned above, is another most significant factor that impacts more prominent on React Native mobile app development cycle and makes it shorter.

To sum up:
Overall, React Native holds a splendid future in this emerging phase for development and considered a more effective option and highly recommended for cross-platform mobile app development. Thus, you can get started with utilizing React Native as your platform for application development and build your app for both Android & iOS. Looking for the best mobile app development company to build up your own app? XongoLab is a leading react native app development company providing highly professional react native app developers for IOS and Android platforms.

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