Professional Escalator Brush  – AOQUN

Professional Escalator Brush – AOQUN

Mr. Ye, an elevator manufacturer from the Yangtze River Delta region, contacted AOQUN: “A large number of escalator brushes are needed. The quality of the products supplied by the Escalator Brush  is unstable, and quality problems often occur, which seriously affects their production progress. I have repeatedly asked the supplier to rectify, but it has not improved. At present, we need to find a large-scale, reliable Escalator Brush  to match the supply.”

It is understood that the scale of this elevator factory is very large in the whole industry, basically it is the top ten escalator producer. Every day, there is a demand for brush, and the products produced are not only supplied to domestic projects, but also sold to countries such as Europe and the United States. This requires qualified suppliers. Our company is a large-scale Escalator Brush  in China with strict quality system, perfect internal inspection process, which can meet the customer’s product export quality requirements. Pay special attention to the sealing and pulling force of the brush to ensure that the brush pull force is greater than 6kg, no filament loss, no light leakage. After communication and production according to the drawings provided by Mr. Ye, the company provided the appropriate samples in just two days.

Our fast response and rigorous style are recognized by our customers. A week later, I received an email from Mr. Ye. The sample of AOQUN passed the PCN test of the quality department and intends to introduce AOQUN as a formal Escalator Brush . Mr. Ye said: “whether it is to revitalize the orders of old customers, or to bid for foreign projects, there is confidence in cooperation with AOQUN, who is the best Escalator Brush  that they have seen so far. We will have a long-term cooperation with AOQUN.”

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