Procedures and Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants are more comfortable and durable than other solutions to replace a lost tooth and at the same time cheaper. When a tooth is lost, the bone that surrounded the root begins to decrease or atrophy and the adjacent teeth try to occupy the space of this lost tooth.


Currently, there are various types of Dental Implants Houston to replace the loss of a tooth, but the most comfortable, effective and durable solution is undoubtedly the dental implant. In addition, since the first implants created, progressively present innovations that are improving their performance and reducing their cost, making it much more economical for the patient.

Procedures of dental implants

The clinical and radiological study allows making a correct diagnosis prior to the placement of the dental implant and veneers.

Titanium is put back the root of the missing tooth and is place into the bone. Above it is placed a crown, which will be the visible part, which restores the functionality and aesthetics of the lost piece.

The full mouth rehabilitation is recommended for cases of tooth loss due to illness (periodontal disease, caries, etc.), after dental loss due to accidents and in the case of congenital absence of teeth. However, in some areas of the mouth, where the teeth receive fewer loads, it is possible to reduce the number of them.

The implant is usually placed under local anaesthesia, and some, such as immediate loading, reduce the entire procedure.

Advantages of dental implants

Dentures and Implants are the perfect answer in a lot of situations, particularly when the parts next to the part to be put back are in good condition and are not significance in suffering they have on preparation for a bridge or other way out. But let's look at the most salient benefits of choosing dental implants.

  • It has a longer period, but with success rates higher than 90%.
  • The bone is subjected to a similar force to chew that with the natural teeth, which allows preserving its biological form.
  • This union is so strong that the only way to separate the titanium from the bone would be extracting the bone that surrounds it. The osseointegration takes place in about 6-8 weeks.
  • In cases of whole loss of teeth, Dental Implant Dentures method are the perfect answer to get better the quality of life, as a lot of patients who wear full dentures experience substantial difficulty in adapting to removable dentures. The dental implant is fixed and comfortable and there are no parts to worry about because once it has been placed they will continue to work well.
  • No pain. At no time during the procedure do you feel pain or discomfort and, in most cases, the postoperative period is less inconvenient than other interventions more common in dentistry.

Thus, Dental Implant Dentures can throughout life as long as you follow good hygiene habits and submit yourself to the routine maintenance controls that your dentist establishes

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