Precious stones, which ones are worth more?

The value of a precious stone depends on different characteristics, such as the cut, the brilliance, the dimensions.

From what world is the world, precious Loose Cz Stones have a meaning of power, beauty, and wealth. The stones can have a very high value due to the rarity and the manufacturing process at the base: in fact, only a small part of the crystals collected can become a precious stone, after having been worked, cut, perfected. This makes precisely the idea of why precious stones have a very high market value, sometimes even invaluable.


The Amethyst Birthstone is traditionally divided into two families: the diamonds and colored gemstones, it includes sapphires, emeralds, rubies. But how do you know which are the precious stones that are worth more?

Ranking of the most expensive gems and precious stones 

  • The precious stone considered most valuable in the world, because the Rarest Gemstones, is the Red Diamond.

In the whole history of humanity, very few specimens of a few carats have been found. The only place where red diamonds are found is in the Argyle mine, Australia. The scarcity of the presence of this gem causes it to cost more than a million dollars per carat.

  • The second most expensive gemstone in the world is August Gemstone, a mineral that varies between green-blue, blue-green, yellow-blue, and which was found in Sri Lanka for the first time. Today this stone is mainly extracted from the mines of Madagascar. There are only two dozen in the world, and their value is 30 thousand dollars per carat.
  • In third place in the ranking of precious stones that are worth more, we find the diamond or rather rough diamond. Diamonds are found everywhere on earth except in Antarctica. The price of a carat diamond is around $ 15,000 if cut perfectly.
  • In fourth place, we find the ruby, the charming gem with wonderful Red Gem Stones. Ruby is also found in practically all continents. However, the largest deposits are in Southeast Asia.
  • In fifth place among the precious stones that are worth more, there is Alexandrite, a stone that changes color taking on various nuances: its cost per carat is between 10 thousand and 15 thousand dollars.
  • In sixth place in the ranking of the stones that are worth more, we find the emerald, light, dark green gem, Teal Gemstones. Produced mainly in Colombia, a pure emerald is so rare that today its price reaches 8 thousand dollars per carat.
  • In seventh place, among the precious stones that are worth more, we find the sapphire, which has various colors: blue, rarely yellow, and green, pink, and violet gemstones.

Depending on the purity and color like yellow gemstones, Poudretteite is sold from 3 thousand to 5 thousand dollars per carat.

  • In the last place, we find Taaffeite. Taaffeite takes its name from its discoverer, Count Eduard Taaffe, who found a specimen by pure chance. This mineral has a Green Glass Gemstones, which varies the shades considerably.

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