players might need to settle for other games on Game Pass!

At the moment, the D2R Items are currently limited to the Xbox versions. I am currently working on reviewing Pac-Man Museum+ for the Nintendo Switch version of Pac-Man Museum+ I have yet to identify any issues with lags or difficulties in booting the game.rnrnIt is hoped that Bandai Namco will take notice of these problems and make some adjustments to the Xbox version of Game Pass, however currently, players might need to settle for other games on Game Pass!rnrnKeep reading to see what fans are saying about Pac-Man Museum+ on Xbox Game Pass!Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Star Cameron Monaghan says the Sequel is More "Mature"Cameron Monaghan, the star in the role of Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, has claimed that the planned sequel called Jedi: Survivor, is a better "mature" game when compared to its predecessor.rnrnIn one of the most significant announcements of Star Wars Celebration 2022, Respawn and EA confirmed that Jedi: Survivor was real and that it was coming in 2023. The game's fans are trying to figure out their thoughts on the initial teaser trailerfor the game, Monaghan himself has now discussed his opinion about the game.rnrnAfter tweeting after Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was officially announced, Monaghan said that the game is one was in the making for several years at this stage. Although he didn't speak much about what the story of Jedi: Survivor will touch on, he did talk about what the buy diablo II resurrected items game is like thematically with regard to Fallen Order.rn

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