Picture Framing for Bringing About a New Look to Your Rooms

Picture Framing for Bringing About a New Look to Your Rooms

Out of the frame

Picture frames are great gift ideas. Hence first you decide is it for a gift purpose or to display your own picture with loved ones, in your living room. Often frames have themes like wedding themes, baby picture themes or greenery themes. These become easy to buy considering the occasion. Also there are some crafty, innovative, imaginative frames in Framing Newtown to give the pictures another dimension and depth. Gifting a picture with decorative and immensely innovative frame is a beautiful gesture from your part. You need to choose well and as per the occasion and match the theme with the picture frame. 

Where you place it

It is essential to understand where the frame would be used, even when you gift it or keep it for yourself. If you gift it to someone near and dear, mostly it would be used as a memento than a picture frame. If you use it for yourself you know where to put it and what picture it will hold. Framing Newtown provides you a wide range of frames – from custom framing, gallery framing, conservative or canvas stretching, to match the occasion.

Glass or Acrylic

These frames for pictures come in glass or in acrylic. There are three types of finishes for glass or acrylic. First one, as the name suggests, is crystal clear which allows you to see the picture clearly. Second is non-glare or matte finish. This type of finish makes the picture a center of attraction and the frame just become the background to portraits. The last is UV, which protects your photo from harmful ultra violet rays. It is used to protect expensive and incomparable art work.

Glass is most common and used in picture framing which are 11”*14” or smaller. Glass is transparent, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Plexiglas or acrylic is used for larger picture frames - larger than 11*14, as they are less fragile and easy to ship. Acrylic frames need extra care while cleaning and maintaining them.

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