pest control chennai

pest control chennai

Residential Pest Control

For homes, we recommend four quarterly treatments per year. On the first visit, we inspect the home inside and out for all types of pests, including spiders, insects and rodents. Then, we perform a treatment according to your specific needs.

Treatments usually consist of:

1) crack & crevice treatments

2) spot residual treatment in high risk areas or for specific pests

3) baiting for rodents as needed

4) granular insecticides next to exterior foundation

5) treating around exterior windows and doors with a long-term residual spray

6) removing reachable spider webs and wasp nests.

Alternatively, for homes, we offer a “one shot” treatment on the entire interior. Follow-up treatments within 6 months of the initial treatment are also available.

Commercial Pest Control

BODINE’S Pest Control specializes in making and keeping all types of commercial and industrial structures pest-free. We currently service many commercial entities including restaurants, hotels, office buildings, churches, schools, day cares, warehouses as well as many other types of buildings. Usually, these are serviced on a monthly or quarterly basis. Please call us to schedule an appointment for one of our commercial pest experts to inspect and evaluate your pest management needs.


The common bedbug is an ectoparisite insect (a parasite which lives on the outside of the body of the host) of the family Cimicidae. Bed bugs feed only on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. Although they have a cryptic behavior and can conceal themselves in tight cracks and crevices, bed bugs are often found in bed parts, such as mattresses and box springs, hence the common name.


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