PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity in Jharkhand

PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity in Jharkhand

Stensa Lifesciences is an ISO certified company and was incorporated in the year 2007. Since then, we are continuously working to provide the best healthcare to the people of our nation. Our company, with the help of advancement and technology, has reached the zenith of success, just within two years. Now, we are opening various employment gates to the people with our PCDPharma Franchise in Jharkhand and giving them the opportunity to establish themselves in this rapidly growing sector.


We, with the help of our professionals and quality analysts, can meet the expectations of our customers. Our Company is a Chandigarh based company and is working round the clock to provide its services and products to the people all around India. We are working on a mission to make India a disease-free nation and for that, we are increasing our horizon and are looking for the people who will support and help us with this motive.

Why is Jharkhand Suitable for Our Services?

Jharkhand is in the eastern state if India and has a population of 32,988,134 and is rapidly increasing. Not only this increases the inhabitants but also increases the need for more medical facilities and consecutively will increase sales. Therefore, our PCD pharma franchise will be of great benefit to the people as well as the dealers working there. Jharkhand is one of the empowered action group states, continues to share a number of characteristics with other backward states of India such as high infant mortality, low immunization of children and expectant mothers, high mortality due to infectious and contagious diseases, high maternal mortality and low institutional delivery.

These coupled with poor access to healthcare facilities and high cost of treatment by households have made all the achievements in the health sector insignificant. Health status is one of the significant indicators of social and economic well- being. Therefore, not only we will be participating in improving the medical situation of the state, but we will also be able to improve the socio-economic conditions simultaneously. Therefore, opening a PCD Pharma Franchise Company is going to be advantageous for everybody.

The following mentioned are the cities where we are interested to provide our services:  

1.   Ranchi

2.   Dhanbad

3.   Jamshedpur

4.   Hazaribagh 

5.   Deoghar

6.   Chaibasa

7.    Ramghar

8.    Chakradharpur

9.    Chirkunda

10.    Chas 

11.    Madhupur

12.    Jhumri Telaiya

13.   Topichand

14.   Saundra basis

15.   Maithon

All these cities have a sufficient amount of the population that can be used by us for the manpower and can be beneficial for our sales.

How do our services suit the convenience of our dealers and benefit them?  

We have ensured that we make ourselves worthy enough so that the people who choose our PCS pharma franchise services and do not regret doing business with us. We have certain features that help us to stand outside the box. Those features include the following:

•   WHO & GMP approved manufacturing units.

•   Professionals as the backbone of our company.

•   Only the experienced are appointed as the staff.

•   Round the clock, our scientists are working for the discovery of new products.

•   In-house quality analysis laboratories 

•   Attractive packaging and longer-shelf-life are given to the products.

•   Monopoly rights.

•   Free promotional support.

•   Extended measures are taken to provide varieties of products under one roof.

•   100% authenticity and reliability.

•   On-time delivery and secured shipping on your choice of locomotives are assured by our side.

With the help of our DCGI products and unsurpassable services, we are continuously hustling to provide the best medical care to our customers. Our only focus is on the produce the best quality products and to be able to make them available to all those who are in need. Our PCD Pharma Franchise company needs your support only and in return, it is providing you with name, fame, and profit.  

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