Online Examination - Quickly Growing Trend

These days, every other entrance test or competitive examination is being conducted online where students are needed to attempt it using a computer system with high-speed internet connectivity. The procedure seems quite easy from what it really is. Still, there are lots of students who do not know even the most primitive of computer functions, let alone giving an exam.

Different reasons attributed to online examination conduction are described in this article. Even, a brief tutorial has been provided to those students that do not know the correct system to attempt the online examination. Particularly, it will help the candidates that are attempting entrance examinations.

The main reason behind online examination is that some incidents have been described in the past that involved chains of the examination centers as well as bribing of inspection team and invigilators. Today, you can see scope of online examination system is continuously growing. Students have been found carrying one-sided means in print and digital form that resulted in good marks. As a moment, heavy candidate’s turnout in the merit list even after applying higher marks cutoff.

One more important reason is that conducting an examination in physical system is a costly and time-consuming task. Printing of answer sheets, question-papers, optical recognition sheets are a problematic task as it involves heavy costs. Even, physical examination mode demands too much of efforts in safekeeping and secrecy. The possibilities of leaking of question paper are very high in physical mode in evaluation to online mode. There are many more advantages of online examination system that you can experience.

Physical question papers are circulated to different exam centers and there is a high chance of leaking of question paper in the transportation. Whereas, you can see that online question papers are kept and stored centrally under secure gateways and strong passwords. Therefore, it is somewhat difficult to crack all the levels of secure logins and ultimately, get the paper. One more advantage is that the online examination paper is far simple to maintain and does not even require redundant costs of delivery and printing.

There are many benefits of online examination system over physical system like the assessment of answer sheets and result turns into quicker and easier. All the accurate answers are fed into the central software that calculates the marks by matching responses of student. In this manner, the results are declared in less than a week in evaluation to physical mode where declaration of result can take even a month!

All the aspiring students that are giving the examination online this year are suggested to read the examination pattern carefully beforehand. Even, they should try to solve the mock tests online beforehand that will introduce them to the system of attempting questions as well as providing answers. Generally, the questions are in the type of multiple choice and candidates would have to mark the correct answer using the mouse. It is really very easy process to conduct the exam.

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