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Security Concepts Services is an Australian based security company. A security company that specialises in delivering online scam prevention consultants services. We are one of the only few Security Guard Company in Australia that also offers ‘specialist overseas scam prevention consultancy to clients.’

How Does it Work? : Online  Dating Scam  Consultants

It is simple, are you a person or a business, who is into an online relationship, or an online business with a company overseas? Maybe that company, an individual might be based in Africa, Southeast Asia or any part of the world. And you are trying to figure out if they are who they claim to be?

Story: Online Scam Prevention Consultants

You need to Google ‘online romance scam,’ and you will find heaps of stories of mostly women that have lost heaps of money to online overseas scammers; who are mainly in African countries, and South East Asia.

The same applies to a lot of companies who have lost tons of money, doing business with ‘ online overseas companies.’ In Africa or South East Asia.

Free Online Dating scam consultants

How we can help you; as a security company in Australia, our focus is on African countries and South East Asia ( Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia). If you are into an online relationship with anyone in an African country, or South East Asia, we can offer you free consultation advise. By doing an online personality-analysis, to determine if you are possibly dealing with an online scammer or someone who is only wanting to use you to get a green card or permanent residency.

We offer such online-personality assessment for free. We can also deploy our contacts in Africa or in any part of South East Asian countries, to investigate and check on the individual or business and see if they are who they claim to be or if they are legitimate; though where an agent will be deployed, it will be of cost to the client.

Companies: Online Scam Prevention Consultants

The same applies to Organisations doing online business with overseas companies; we can conduct a background investigation on the foreign company, to see if they are legitimate, registered and are real. We can help our clients with a free online assessment, or for a fee send agents to conduct a thorough background check on the overseas business, so you don’t get scammed.


Free ServicePaid Service
  • Online consultation
  • Online evaluation of the Individual or business
  • Online Assesment
  • Report on Perception of the Individual or overseas company
  • Evaluate Individual or Company Documents
  • Deployment of Overseas Agents
  • Collaboration With Overseas Law enforcement Agents
  • Physical Background Investigations of Individual and Business
  • Documented proof Individual or Overseas Company is a Scammer
  • Written report granting Satisfactory proof to proceed with a relationship or overseas business
  • Documents Authentication and Verification

Why We Offer this Service:  Online Scam Prevention Consultants

One of our goals is to help our clients in Australia and overseas avoid being victims of online scam. That is why we are offering free online scam advice or free online scam consultancy. We are expert in security guard services, as well as having good knowledge of Africa and South East Asian countries. And how online scammers operate, and we can help our clients from being victims of an online romance scam, or online business scam.

Pride= Scam

One  of the main reason why individuals and businesses become victims of online scam is, ‘Pride.’ So many people think they cant be defrauded or scammed, they think they know it all. I am sorry to say criminals of all ilk are always planning and coming out with new tricks. So should you be planning and consulting too, so you won't be their victim.

One of the reasons why you might need expert advice, consultation to asses, investigate an individual or company you are dealing with online — especially Individuals and companies in Africa and South East Asia. Take note, I am not implying every person and businesses online in Africa and South East are scammers. I am talking about a situation where your gut feeling is telling you something is not right here. A situation where you believe you require an expert opinion, to either confirm your worries or give you professional advice backed with proof. And that could save you heartbreak and money!

So, if you are in an online relationship and you require expert advice, to see if your online friend is a scammer or not, please get in touch with us, for a free online consultation.

If your company are dealing with an overseas business and you are worried they might be scammers. Please send us an email and inquire about how we can help you.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are ethical in our approach. We will protect your privacy and information. And we will make sure we give you the best possible advice and only act on your instructions, agreement and interest.

Don't be a victim of online fraud, online romance scam, online business scam, Cyber Crime. Report any such activities to the local authorities.

If you are in Australia and you want to learn or report any scamming activities please contact, Australian Cyber Crime Reporting Network (ACORN). Also, Scam Watch, or Australian Consumer Protection ACCC.  If you are outside Australia, here are some important Agencies that could help you if you are a Victim of Scam or learning not to be scammed. In Europe, in the UK, in Canada, in the USA, in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Malaysia.

You can also check out our blog ' home invasion security tips.

Overseas Police and Government Departments: Online Scam Prevention Consultants

We can also help our clients, find overseas professional services like Lawyers, Accountants that will help represent our client's interest and business. We will make sure they are registered with their country governing body and agencies.

Remember you are dealing with an Australian security company, licensed by the Victorian Police. We are a specialist security company in Melbourne that specialises in  Online Scam prevention consultancy in Australia.

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