Olympic Barbell Set- How Barbell Weights Can Provide You with Optimum Health

Olympic Barbell Set- How Barbell Weights Can Provide You with Optimum Health

A gym consists of numerous workout equipment that are used in different body exercises. Some of them are related to weights whereas others for cardio. Generally, the main focus remains on weight equipment because they are the most important measures of strength building. One of the most common accessories that you see in every gym is a barbell. A barbell is a primary requirement for every workout session because it is used in lifting weights. Barbell weight set exercises can drastically change your life and it doesn’t even as costly as other workout equipment.

 Most Common Exercises with Barbell Weight Set

1)    Squats

2)    Stiff-legged Deadlift

3)    Bench press

4)    Lunges

5)    Standing calf raise 

6)    Bent over rows

7)    Standing military press

8)    Shrugs

9)    Front raise

10)    Biceps curls

These are only 10 exercises mentioned here but the actual number is much higher. It depends on your desire that what kind of body you wish. Customised exercises with barbells can help in achieving your goal without causing any side effect.  

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Types of barbells 

Basically, there are two kinds of barbells that you can purchase from market i.e.

1)    Standard grade

These barbells are meant for general exercise and have a diameter of 1 inch. A standard grade barbell is widely popular equipment because of its ease of availability and affordability. The weight sets for this grade also have narrow holes.

2)    Olympic grade 

This is the précised grade of barbells that are meant for professionals training. Any person who wants to prepare for a competition must use Olympic barbell weight set. They are heavier than a standard model because their diameter is 2 inches. The professional training institutions only recommend these barbells for workout. 

Significant Benefits of Using Barbells For Workout

1)     Realise Your Actual Strength

While doing workout with a barbell, only your strength can help in lifting up the weight. Unlike other workout equipment, barbell exercise cannot be done with the help of a supporting structure. Take an Olympic barbell weight set, increase the weight with plates and try to lift up. Squats, bench press, dead lift and overhead press are enough to evaluate your potential. In a single set, do 8 to 10 reps starting with lightweight plates. After every rep, increase the weight by 5KG then again repeats the same set. As far you go will define your strength level. 

2)    Multiple Workouts 

A single barbell can help in doing multiple workout sessions. As mentioned above in 10 points, there are many exercises that you can do customising the barbell and workout postures. Whether you need improvement in chest width, biceps volume or shoulders, it is helpful in strengthening many body parts.                                                                                                      

3)    Stamina Improvement 

If you are an athlete and want to increase the stamina, barbell exercises can help. It stimulates all body functions by stretching the muscles to new dimensions. With regular exercise, an athlete can easily take control over neuromuscular connections. This improves internal strength and stamina to compete in high-level tournaments. 

4)    Affordable 

Most of the workout equipment are very costly because of their mechanical components, on the other hand, barbell is a simple rod. This is a metal rod that has the potential to carry heavy workload safely for workout sessions. Not just Olympic barbell weight set but a standard grade barbell can also easily hold 300 to 400 pounds of weight. Anyone who wants to start workout sessions from home to achieve desired body shape can easily buy barbells to begin the exercise. 

5)    Customisable 

The barbell weight set can be customised anytime with the help of additional weight plates. No matter your physique level is low or higher, you can adjust the weight by simply adding or subtracting the plates. 

If you consider workout as an expensive deal to stay fit then change your perception. A simple barbell weight set can help in achieving your fitness goal effectively. All you need to choose the weight sets according to your fitness level. Also, it is essential to prefer a renowned manufacturer of barbells for precision in weight and safety. For the best quality barbells in Australia, one can contact Fitek Company. They are the online suppliers of Olympic grade workout equipment at affordable price.  

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