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Windows 10 is an operating system which is used by millions of users all across the globe. When this operating system was launched, the company had offered a free upgrade to those who were using Windows 8. It was a highly generous act that Microsoft put out, but it didn’t turn out to be so good as the users started encountering multiple glitches while working on this operating system. One of the major glitch which the users face is the issue of not being able to sync their email accounts. This issue has put the users in a tight spot. The users of SBCGlobal email have been the ones who have been affected the most by this issue. Users can solve this issue by undertaking some really simple steps. The users can also take assistance from highly trained professionals by Contact SBCGlobal Technical Support Phone Number By going through this blog, the users can understand some basic steps using which they can solve the issue that they are facing.

Ways to sync Email account in Windows

     The users would have to click on the cog, and it would then launch ‘SBCGlobal Email Settings’ on Windows 10 email.

·     You would then have to access the ‘accounts’ and further click on the option which says ‘Add accounts.’

·     Once you complete the above-given step, choose the option to select ‘other account.’

·      Then you would have to type in the details such as your email ID, password and all other info that is being asked.

The process to sync SBCGlobal email with a new OS

·       In the 3rd step of the previous instruction where you had selected ‘Other account,’ you would have to choose the ‘advanced setup’ option.

·       After that, you would have to opt for ‘Internet mail.’

·       Then you would have to add the account name which can be of your choice.

·       Further add the name using which you wish to send the emails.

·       Then under the Incoming Mail Server you have to enter:’ and under the account, type fill ‘POP3.’

·       You would then have to enter your email SBCGlobal email ID along with the password of the account.

·       Now, under the Outgoing Mail server, you have to type ‘’

If you face any issue while you incorporate the steps given above, then you would have the option of connecting with SbcGlobal Customer Care Phone Number. The users can easily connect with these professionals by using a toll-free number, which is accessible on a 24-hour basis. These professionals are highly trained and possess vast knowledge which would help the users solve the issue that they are facing.


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