Nodejs Vs. Go - Settling the debate once and for all!

Nodejs Vs. Go - Settling the debate once and for all!

Today, web developers have a wide range of options available when it comes to choosing a programming language for web development.

These programming languages are not just viable for frontend development,but the backend development as well.

Now, in most of the web applications, there is usually more non-UI code than the code which is directly related to end-user interaction.

For instance, data needs to be stored and retrieved, logic has to be in place, and output to be calculated.

This is what the backend development is all about. Simply put, it is about writing code to create APIs, libraries, and working with components that don’t have user interfaces.

You might already be aware that Node JS. But, Node JS is not the only backend development programming language in the market.

Google’s Go language is also seems to be dominating the backend programming language market.

In this article, we’re going to compare two relatively new backend programming languages – Nodejs and Go. But before we start our comparison, let’s get the basics right first.

Original Source :  Nodejs Vs. Golang Development

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