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How to Maintain Your Website’s SEO after a Redesign

If you are working on a website redesign, you will need torndetermine how to maintain SEO rankings and domain authority before, after, andrnduring the process. When creating a new website design, the aesthetics of thernsite is not the only thing you need to worry about. During this process, yournmust take the time not only to maintain your SEO, but also to look for ways tornimprove it. Many companies often make the tragic mistake of thinking that arnredesign of the website will not have an impact on SEO, but it is the case. Ifrnit is not done carefully, you could erase all your previous SEO efforts. Therernare technical and non-technical areas to consider in major Web design andrndevelopment activities.

You must take specific steps to avoid compromising thernquality of your SEO when transitioning from your old site to the new one. Inrnthis article, you'll discover the best practices in redesigning SEO and how tornmake sure you do not lose value.

Redesign of SEO Website - Key Areas to Consider

When redesigning your site, three main areas must be takenrninto account to maintain your SEO ranking:

What works with your current SEO efforts?

Common challenges that may arise during a redesign

Upcoming changes with the new website

By focusing on these three areas, you will be able tornidentify your SEO weaknesses in order to improve them. Beyond maintaining yourrnrankings, you must also improve them.

How to monitor your SEO and how to say what works

If you are currently monitoring your rankings and campaignsrnare in place for these keywords, you must have substantial data to analyze. Yournneed to know specifically: the keywords for which you are ranked, the mappingrnof each keyword, the exact location in the rankings and the pages that generaternthe most organic traffic.

Common challenges with SEO when redesigning a website

When working on a site redesign, many issues can arise whenrnyou focus on changing the brand, improving the user experience, and updatingrnthe backend. Here is a list of problem areas:

·        Content that is deleted

·        Content that changes

·        The content can be moved according to thernnavigation or map of the site.

·        URLs may change

·        Page-level optimization changes

·        Add new content, new sections, new technologiesrnand new features

·        New technical problems

·        Changes to the internal link structure

·        Domain or subdomain change

·        Protocol changes

All these areas can have an impact on SEO during a redesign.rnWith so many challenges, it can be difficult to identify exactly what needs tornbe addressed. One of the biggest challenges would be a change of domain. Thernother areas are also important, and the more you make changes, the more complexrnthe SEO will be.

How to rethink your website and not lose the SEO rankingsrnchecklist

Before you begin your redesign, it is essential tornunderstand the best practices that will help you maintain your SEO rankings.rnConsider these redo settings before you begin:


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