Natural relief for heartburn

Natural relief for heartburn

Heartburn is associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is a condition where the acid from the stomach will reflux back into the esophagus thus causing all kinds of discomforts along with other complications.

Why Does it Occur?

The main reason for heartburn is the acids reflux back into the esophageal region thus bypassing the sphincters or the valves. These sphincters have the specific purpose of unidirectional flow which means the substance could pass only in one direction but not the other way around. These sphincters will prevent the backflow if there is any. But due to various reasons, these sphincters especially if lower esophageal sphincter fails to function properly, then acids will reflux back into the esophagus and will initiate the heartburn.

Symptoms of Heartburn:

1.    Pain and discomfort with burning sensation radiating from upper abdomen to the sternum or the breastbone.

2.    Nausea is associated with heartburn sometimes.

3.    Coughing is also not uncommon.

4.    Difficulty in swallowing does occur in heartburn

5.    Persistent laryngitis is also another symptom of heartburn.

6.    Due to regurgitation of the acid of the stomach, the taste of an acid is felt in the mouth.

Treatment of Heartburn

1.    Antacids are the over the counter medicines which does help in preventing heartburn. They are quick acting, and though very low lasting, they do provide an effective measure against mild heartburns.

2.    There are H-2 receptor blockers which reduce the secretion of acids in the stomach and thus prevent the heartburn to a greater deal. They are slow acting medicines but their effects are much longer than the antacids which are, on the other hand, quick acting yet low lasting.

3.    Proton pump inhibitors are stronger than even H-2 receptor blockers and they are very much effective against heartburn. But they do have side effects when used for a longer time which includes hypomagnesemia, increased risks of fractures etc.

4.    Surgery is also an option for severe cases of heartburn.

Natural Relief:

The natural heartburn relief is procedures which you can do at home which could yield good results over the time.

1.    Since food plays a very important part in heartburn, thus maintaining a diet will ensure that the frequency of heartburn is as less frequent as less possible. RefluxMD has recipes which you could use in order to have a proper diet against heartburn.

2.    Avoid wearing tight clothes. The tight clothes may compress the stomach thus increasing the pressure which could force the acid reflux back in to the esophagus region.

3.    Posture also could elevate heartburn. Bending down, laying on the back thus increases the discomfort and the burning sensation.

4.    Elevating the upper body is crucial for heartburn. Since elevating the upper body creates less tension in the stomach region, hence there is less chance of acid reflux for the pressure alone.

5.    Mix baking soda with water. Soda neutralizes acids and hence, in case of mild heartburn, mixing baking soda with water and drinking it could give some relief.

6.    Apple cider vinegar has shown positive effect in many cases of heartburn.

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