Must visit places in Baku, Azerbaijan

Must visit places in Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is the perfect Azerbaijan's holiday destination. It has some amazing 19th century's European palaces, the place has historic as well as modern touch. At one point in time this place used to be really very expensive but now it has become the most affordable capital cities around the world. It is a must visit the place for food lovers. It has got some amazing food to satisfy the taste buds of foodies. Mayak 123 and Paris Bisto are two of the famous places in Baku that every food lover must try to relish the delicacies if Azerbaijan and its culture. Spiced meat is the USP of this country, you may not find such freshness anywhere else.

Not only Baku is the place for food lovers but also the best hotels in Azerbaijan are located in Baku. If you happen to plan your trip to Baku we recommend to contact Visit Azerbaijan,  they are the best when it comes to planning trip for Azerbaijan. They have tied up with one of the best hotels in Azerbaijan.

Here are some of the best tourist attractions that will make your visit to Baku a perfect one:

·         Maiden's tower: There is the mysterious story behind this cylindrical tower of Baku. According to few experts, thousand years ago Maiden tower used to be the Zoroastrian temple. But somewhere in the 18th century, it became the watchtower. And now after so many years, it has got the honor of being UNESCO listed monuments. The maiden structure is almost 29 meters long and its spiral staircase will take you to the top to have the perfect view of Ischeri Sheher (Baku's old town).

·         Shirvan Shah's palace:  One of the most important and must watch monuments of this capital city is Shirvan shah's palace. Shirvan Shahs were the ruling dynasty of this area for around 800 years.

Burial vaults, mosque, and a mausoleum everything is part of this UNESCO listed building.

·         Nizami Street:  The street has been named after one of the famous poets of Azerbaijan, Nizami Ganjvi. This 3.5 meters long street is the main shopping center of this city. You will find some amazing architecture on this street from Barque to neo-gothic to neo-renaissance, you will find the essence of everything on this single street. 

·         Fountain Square: The fountain square is one of the must watch places of Baku. You will find a dozen fountains between Nizami Street and the eastern wall of Icheri Sheher. You will find a number of outdoor cafes and restaurants to allow travelers to enjoy the beauty of Baku streets.

·         The flame tower: There are three flame towers in Baku, the longest one is around 182 meters and you can see the same perching beautifully from above the bay of Baku. If you will see these towers from a distance, it will resemble flames, and at night the exterior of this tower is lit in the color of fire.

So don't forget to list Baku as your next Azerbaijan holiday destination.

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