Most luxurious office spaces in Big Apple

Most luxurious office spaces in Big Apple

The Big Apple, otherwise known as New York City, is one of the biggest and most incredible places in the world. Since its population reaches over 8,6 million, New York City offers amazing opportunities for all its residents. Therefore, if you’re thinking about relocating and getting one of the most luxurious office spaces, look no further! Here are some of the best options for incredible office spaces just waiting for you in the Big Apple.

Top 6 most luxurious office spaces in Big Apple

Before diving into research, keep in mind that options in New York are uncountable. Whichever you decide upon, you won’t make a mistake. New York is the epitome of luxury and that is exactly what it will offer you. Although the change might be big, it will be easier with the help of professionals. Therefore, don’t rule out any option and keep an open mind.

Central Park Region

Central Park is one of the most widely famous areas in New York City. It is located in popular Manhattan, which is situated between the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. This entire region basically screams luxury on its own. Namely, incredible urban buildings surround one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Just imagine getting office space in one of those famous NYC buildings with an amazing view of Central Park!

Although this is one of the most luxurious office spaces, it’s perfect for those who like to work in a comfortable environment. The whole vibe of the area is relaxing and nature-like. This is because most of New York’s wildlife is in Central Park. You will easily be able to spot birds, small mammal, and other cute animals. Also, the scenery is beyond words. Therefore, taking a stroll through Central Park during your break will help you improve your mood and stay stress-free. This will give you the benefit of a relaxing but luxurious work environment, and it cannot get much better!

One World Observatory

One World Observatory is one of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere in New York. Specifically, it has 102 stories and it definitely has some of the most luxurious office spaces in Big Apple. However, because of its many stories, you might need some help relocating your business here. The best solution for this is finding some of the best office moving specialists in NY. So try and avoid all unnecessary complications. They will help and advise you in moving your office space to one of the most luxurious parts of NYC.

Moreover, what makes this one of the most luxurious office spaces is the incredible view! You will get to enjoy the view of the entire region from your office window! Also, since the Observatory offers you a view in bird perspective, it will be an experience like no other. Without a single doubt, you won’t regret your choice if you decide to get an office space here. It will be one of the most rewarding parts of your work day!

Rockefeller Center

If the previous two options put you off because of their height, don’t worry! New York has some of the most luxurious office spaces even for those who aren’t into heights. One of these is the Rockefeller Center. It offers offices on the ground level which have the view of the beautiful ice-skating rink. This rink is located in the middle of the Center and attracts a large crowd on a daily basis.

With a little luck, fans of Saturday Night Live can find an office in the same building as the show! Because of this, you’ll probably regularly run into some of your favorite celebrities during your working day. How amazing is that?

Times Square

Times Square is famous all around the world as one of the most luxurious parts in the Big Apple. Also, the incredible Broadway lights around it attract many curious people. Therefore, if you’re someone who looks for a modern environment in a luxurious office space, Times Square the perfect place. However, keep in mind how busy this area is. It might be tricky to pack up your office and move it here, so finding good packers and movers is the answer. Also, you will have to get used to the hectic sounds of traffic during the entire day. This is because Times Square is famous for being the heart of New York.

One of the main advantages of getting office space in Times Square is a lively atmosphere. It will surely keep you on your toes since everything is always changing. Because of this, Times Square is perfect for those who want to avoid monotony in their lives. You will be able to explore a different part of the area every time you go on a break. Also, you will definitely be amazed by the colorful lights every single time by.

Union Square

In contrast to Times Square, Union Square has a more historical and rustic environment. Even though it isn’t as modern, you will still be able to easily find some of the most luxurious office spaces. After all, history gives everyone a specifically luxurious feeling. Also, this area connects Broadway and Forth Avenue, so you won’t be far from the modern parts of New York.

Since it is more rustic, it offers a more homely atmosphere. Namely, its Greenmarket is a lively place with the freshest fruits and veg in the Big Apple. If you love organic and natural products, you will be able to get everything you need after work. What makes it even better is that you’ll be able to do this next to the most luxurious office spaces! This makes it a great combination of rustic and modern times.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building is by far the most famous place in New York City. Along with this, it is as luxurious as a place can get. If you get an office here, you’ll get to enjoy the amazing overview of all the sites in New York. Some of these are the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Also, the Hudson and the East rivers offer an incredible view. However, what makes it so luxurious is the fact that it is so famous worldwide. It is a staple mark of the Big Apple, everyone knows about it and longs to see it one day. Just imagine not only seeing it but having an office space in it. It simply doesn’t get more luxurious than that.

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