Micro Drip Irrigation: The latest development in efficient and sustainable irrigation.

Are you having problems with traditional methods of irrigation like evaporation and flooding? Are you looking for an innovative yet cost-effective irrigation alternative which provides greater efficiency in a sustainable way? If your answer is yes, then it is worth you looking at the area of micro drip irrigation. 

Micro drip irrigation is an irrigation method that uses lower pressure and flow than traditional sprinkler systems. It is also sometimes referred to as localized irrigation, low-flow irrigation, low volume irrigation or trickle irrigation. Advances in technology have resulted in some exciting new approaches in this area, both in the approach and the irrigation equipment itself, quite often the solution involving the use of drip tape. Your local Irrigation Equipment Supplier Auckland will be able to show you some of the possibilities available.

You will be interested to know that drip irrigation systems are becoming the first choice for the larger farmlands across the world and in particular in Australian and New Zealand in a range of applications. Dairy, sheep, beef and various crops all benefit from micro drip irrigation techniques. Micro drip irrigation methods are definitely worth investigating for their cost efficiency and agricultural performance. 


Water management in irrigation has become essential because the agricultural land has almost doubled in the last two decades, yet the rainfall has not doubled with it. Drip irrigation systems address this problem but are especially useful in Australia where water is limited in many areas as well as in parts of the world with greater rainfall such as New Zealand. Micro drip irrigation systems improve crop yields and are well worth the investment. Drip irrigation systems enable you to control the volume, placement, frequency and quality of the water flow, all very useful tools in enhancing production and productivity. Drip tape allows very specific delivery.

  • In the drip irrigation system, a slow stream of water will be sent directly to the root zone via meticulously designed drippers and sprinklers. 
  • This modern method of irrigation is becoming the number one choice in New Zealand because it saves water, minimizes evaporation and also reduces nutrient leaching. 
  • Along with this, micro drip irrigation ensures uniform application of fertilizers, which improves the crop yield and hence proves to be cost-efficient.   

Your local irrigation equipment supplier can help you look into the finer details when choosing the best irrigation system for your property.

Drip Irrigation System Vs Spray Irrigation: Which one is better?

Spray irrigation is done with the help of sprinklers that cover a larger area, whereas drip irrigation is installed right above the ground with the mechanism to water only the root zones of a plant. The installation cost of sprinklers and drip tape is considerably lowered these days because the design and manufacturing have evolved; a trusted Lawn Irrigation Equipment Supplier Auckland can offer you all sorts of ranges and product lines. A friendly chat with your local supplier will reveal many benefits of micro drip irrigation and utilising drip tape.

It is also useful to keep in mind that wind drifting and evaporation are more likely to affect the efficiency of spray systems compared to micro drip irrigation systems. With this in mind, it generally follows that spray irrigation easily covers larger farms but drip irrigation is much more efficient and water saving. To make a final choice you need to look at your crop needs and field properties. 

Smart Irrigation System Installation Considerations.

Dripper systems are technically advanced.  They save water and with micro drip irrigation systems, fertilizer application becomes a breeze. To ensure successful implementation of the system, you need to make sure to enlist the most trusted service providers because the system needs thoughtful installation and regular maintenance. 

The existing conventional method of your irrigation can be replaced by the modernized micro drip irrigation system. It is not at all expensive when you look at the bigger picture.  Drip tape is available in varied sizes and materials so they can be customised to suit your specific irrigation needs.  There have been some significant advances in technology around irrigation systems and their controllers. Hi-tech controllers of the drip irrigation system are generally preferred because of their reduced labour cost.  

It is recommended you get the help of a professional micro drip irrigation specialist with knowledge in your local area. They have years of experience, a lot of local knowledge and have built their reputation by providing geographic-specific irrigation solutions. They will be able to help you navigate through the various irrigation approaches and customise a micro drip irrigation system that best suits your needs. They can also advise if other types of systems would better suit your property. If you are Thinking Water, a great place to start is to go and have a chat with your local expert.

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