Michigan vacation rentals

Michigan vacation rentals

Irncame to know the Leelanau Peninsula as a pre-teen when my parents booked arncottage for a month on Little Traverse Lake. We were told that our summerrnvacation would be a real adventure because there would be no electricity, nornindoor plumbing, a fireplace for heat, and kerosene lamps for light. My youngerrnsister and I had gone to Girl Scout Camp, so we made “Caper Charts” for all thernchores. Mom and Dad, parents of six young children, had a wonderful month’srnvacation and so began our family’s love affair with Leelanau County.

Comernto the Michiganrnvacation rentals flock to the area to enjoy its scenic beauty, boating, friendlyrnrestaurants, and quiet charm along the narrows. Lake Michigan vacation rentals one of thernfive Great Lakes of North America and located entirely within the UnitedrnStates. We told our summer vacation would real adventure because, nornelectricity, no indoor plumbing, a fireplace for heat, and kerosene lamps forrnlight.

Peninsularnvacation rentals is an unincorporated community in Leland Township, LeelanaurnCounty, Michigan, near the lake of the same name.

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