Melbourne residents find diverse uses for water pumps, irrigation supplies and equipment.

Traditionally, throughout Melbourne and wider Victoria, water pumps, pumping equipment and irrigation supplies have been seen to be the domain of the farming sector. Melbourne residents have for many years been familiar with seeing irrigation systems being used around market gardens and various rural applications around the fringe areas of Melbourne. Melbournians are embracing irrigation and water pump technology and are applying them in a diverse range of settings including residential, rural and commercial.


Thinking outside the box has allowed irrigation equipment suppliers in Melbourne to help organisations such as sporting clubs, golf courses and local council areas find efficient irrigation methods. These organisations value cost-effective solutions, so they prefer to use high-quality irrigation supplies that they know will last and deliver efficient irrigation. Their local water pump and irrigation equipment supplier is a key component of their irrigation strategy.


Melbourne residents have also embraced more traditional uses of irrigation and water pump technology. A drive around suburban Melbourne reveals lush lawns and gardens. A closer inspection shows that it is becoming more and more common for the homeowner to embrace and adapt traditional irrigation methods. Often, they will engage a professional to help landscape their garden and install irrigation, relying heavily on advice from their Lawn Irrigation Equipment Supplier Melbourne. Lawns are now frequently watered and fertilised using a system of irrigation pumps, sprinklers, drips and automated timers - all while reducing time spent watering and improving water efficiency.


While this change has arguably come about due to homeowners wanting more leisure time, the heightened environmental awareness of Melbourne residents is also a factor. It is quite common to see rainwater tanks and storage in Melbourne gardens. Rainwater harvesting has become very popular as a way of saving water and over the longer term is also very cost-efficient for homeowners.


Another developing use in Melbourne is solar water pumps. Solar water pumps in residential settings can be used to power irrigation and pool pumps and no doubt other applications will emerge. In residential applications, the use of solar water pumps is an environmentally sound choice. The types of water pumps available are quite diverse and can be used in varied ways. No doubt Melbourne residents will find ways to utilize a whole range of water pumps.


In some residential applications around Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula, artisan water wells often referred to as bores, are in use. Well drilling is quite an investment so the cost-effectiveness is usually well researched. Properties with acreage and agricultural uses are particularly suited to well drilling and are often embraced by dairy farmers, however it is not unusual to see water wells in suburban gardens.


Key to all of this is the need to develop a good relationship with your local irrigation and Water Pump Supplier Melbourne. They have the expertise and local knowledge to find the irrigation equipment solution best suited to your specific needs.



In Melbourne, Think Water experts can be found at their Mulgrave showroom or at Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula. The Melbourne consultants can also draw on the resources of their other stores around Victoria; in Colac, Echuca, Mildura, Swan Hill, Hastings and just over the border in Albury.


Whether you are a farmer, a sporting organisation, local business or an avid gardener, you will benefit by picking the brains of your local supplier. Let them know about your goals or the problem you are facing and together you can come up with a great irrigation solution for your property. Likewise continue to work closely with your local irrigation specialist to set up a maintenance system to clean water filters and check equipment. Most likely your irrigation equipment supplies will be in stock at your Melbourne store or can be quickly ordered in for you.


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