Malegra 100 Online Best Medicine

Malegra 100 Online Best Medicine

What IsrnErectile Dysfunction?

A sexual Malegrarn100 affects millions of men within thernUS all by itself. The problemrnarises when a male is unable to maintain or attain an erection prior to intercourse. There are two types ofrnfactors that can cause erectile dysfunction: the physiological and physicalrnlinks.

Health-related issues in the body are often the primaryrncauses of erectile dysfunction, especially in older males. Conditions like obesity,rnhigh blood pressure, and diabetes are frequently associated with issues at thernbedside. Living a healthy, balanced lifernis the best method to prevent this type of ED problem. For young men, ED can often be caused by psychologicalrnproblems such as depression, anxiety, stress, or bad sexual experiences. The brain can be de-sensitized by porn to normal sexualrnarousal.


Thernuse of drugs like Viagra can assist a person to overcome his psychologicalrnproblems and boost confidence. But the only option for sexual pleasure isrnto quit porn for between two and three months. This will enable your brain to recover from the surge of dopamine and sexual fantasies and stop the loss ofrnresponse to pleasure to the extent that it has.

Thernmen who are struggling with Erectile dysfunction face numerousrnchallenges. A new study suggests that they might also face an additionalrnone: a higher likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Although this is arngood reminder of the need to ensure that your penis is in good health but it'srnan unsubstantiated claim So how did researchers come to this conclusion?


Accordingrnto the National Osteoporosis Foundation puts Tadalistarn20  osteoporosis isrn"a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes toornlittle bone, or both." When someone is suffering from osteoporosis,rntheir bones are fragile or weak which makes it easier to break them on thernoccasion of a falling. In some cases, a person suffering from osteoporosisrncan suffer fractures simply because they cough too hard.


Arnrecent study in Taiwan on a possible erectile dysfunction-osteoporosis link wasrnpublished in June in the journal Medicine. It was entitledrn"Increased risk of osteoporosis in patients with erectile dysfunction: Arnnationwide population-based cohort study," the study focused on 4,460 menrn(age 40 and above) who were diagnosed with erectile problems between 1996 and the year 2010. The study also examined 17,480 males in the samernage group but with no erectile dysfunction to create a group of comparison.

Whenrnscientists compared groups, they discovered that men who had an erectilerndisorder were around 3 times as likely be at risk of developing osteoporosisrnthan people who had a normal erectile function. Not only that, osteoporosisrnwas seen to progress faster in those with erectile dysfunction compared tornthose who did not have.


Sincernit was an observational study there was no information that would provide arnreason for the connection between these two conditions. Hotmedz is hoped thatrnfuture studies can be developed to address this issue.

Thernauthors have a few theories on the potential causes for the connection. Forrninstance, people with erectile dysfunction usually suffer from low testosteronernlevels and testosterone is linked to higher bone strength and durability.

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