Long Tube Cleaning Brushes Medical For You From AOQUN

Two months ago, Mr. Stein from Norway found our company through Alibaba. He said he wanted to customize the tube cleaning brushes medical for their long test tubes. He said that the brushes purchased from the outside store are either too long or too short, or the filament is too long to fit into the test tube. He hopes that we can customize a long tube cleaning brushes medical of suitable size for him.
We got the size of their test tubes. The diameter of their test tubes is 20mm and the length is 200mm. The tube cleaning brushes medical sold by the outside store are generally 150-200mm. we know the size of the general tube cleaning brushes medical does not match the long test tube. Based on the size of Stein’s long test tube, we have customized a long tube cleaning brushes medical of appropriate length and diameter.
We sent a sample of the long tube cleaning brushes medical to Mr. Stein. After receiving and testing, Mr. Stein was very satisfied with the brush we customized for him. He said that their labs are often busy researching, hoping that we can be their fixed suppliers and customize brushes for their experimental containers. He said that they will provide us with the size of the container that needs a custom brush, and he will order 1000 pieces long tube cleaning brushes medical temporarily.

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