Local moving for students in NJ - simple guide

Local moving for students in NJ - simple guide

If you already live in the state of NewrnJersey, you probably know what this amazing country can offer. And, if you arerna newcomer – welcome! There is so much to see, learn about and experience here.rnAmong many other qualities, NJ is famous for its education opportunities. Withrnits 63 colleges and universities, itrnattracts students from all over the world. Hence, cultural diversity is considerable. No wonder that many youngrnpeople choose to be students in NJ. If you are one of them, you might find somernuseful pieces of advice in this guidernfor local moving for students in NJ.


Choosernyour new place to live in


The first decision you have to make rightrnafter choosing a college or a university is whether you are going to live on or off the campus. Sharing yourrnliving space with one, two or even more strangers is not for everyone. On thernother hand, that might be an opportunity to make numerous friends and expand your horizons. Living on campusrncan be more practical since the amenities that you need are often nearby.rnHowever, if you choose to rent a place for yourself, you can pick a part of therncity according to your wants and needs. You might be surprised by the moderate cost of renting in NJ. Eitherrnway, you will have to move from your parents’ home. Even if you are an amateurrnwhen it comes to moving, the proper organization can help you move locally in no time

Localrnmoving for students in NJ should be planned in advance

Makerna list

Howrnsoon should you start preparing for your move? As soon as possible! Once you decide where you’re moving, you should engage in thisrnrelocation project. First, you should make a list of what you are taking with you.rnBear in mind that you won’t be needing the same things on campus that you wouldrnin a rented place. If you are going to share a room or a flat, you should get to know your roommate(s) beforehand.rnConsult them while packing because you do not need two toasters or threernironing boards to occupy your students’ room. Divide your belongings intorncategories:

·        rnThe essentials that you need on a day-to-day basis – Local moving forrnstudents in NJ is so much easier if the items for relocation are chosenrnrationally

·        rnThe stuff that you no longerrnneed – This is the perfect time for you to declutter.

·        rnYour belongings that you do notrnneed in your new living space but are still precious to you and might be usefulrnwhen you come back home. Don’t forget to makernrearrangements for your plants or pets if you have any.

·        rnSeasonal clothes - Pack only what yournneed for the current season


·        rnYou will probably have to buyrnsome new stuff too – some clothes, bedding or kitchen utensils

Since you probably don’t have so muchrnexperience in moving, you should give yourself a little bit more time to pack thernmoving boxes. Do not forget that your unpackingrnwill be faster if you have less stuff!

Askrnfor help with your relocation

Whether you are moving just a few blocksrnfrom your current home or you are changing the city, you cannot do it by yourself. Asking your parents for help is arnlogical thing to do. However, if you intend to move some delicate items or toornmany stuff that your family’s car is not big enough for, you should consider hiring professionals. Ofrncourse, local moving for students in NJ is easier than moving home, but you shouldn’t take chances. Yourrnexpensive IT equipment that you have just bought for a new school year deservesrna special treatment and relocation by a professional moving van. If you arernlooking for a company that is licensed,rninsured and bonded you should visit movingofamerica.com.rnBear in mind that they might be sold out for your intended moving date, sorncontact them as soon as you can.

There are some more reasons in favor ofrnhiring professionals. New Jersey isrninfamous for its worst daily traffic, so why risk it on your moving day?rnBeing stuck in traffic with a car filled with moving boxes is not fun at all.rnReputable movers will know what the bestrntime for your relocation is and they will have the alternative routes planned

Movingrnis not just changing places

There is so much more to moving than justrnchanging the address. It often means finding a new hairdresser, personal trainer,rnbeautician or dentist for example. Those might not seem as important decisions atrnthe moment, but imagine if you had a sudden wisdomrntooth problem and no good dentist around. Getting referrals for suchrnservices in advance is worth your time.

Don’trnforget to relax and enjoy yourself!


Once you make the checklist and organizernall the moving details, it is time for you to think about the fun you are going to have after the move. If yournare a freshman, moving out of your parents’ place might be a little bitrnstressful but there are various ways to enjoy the new circumstances. For manyrnpeople, being at college is the best part of their lives, it brings so much happiness. Meetingrnnew people, preparation for your future dream job and just having fun - that’s what a college is all about. It’s a transitionrnfrom being a teenager to becoming an adult. 

Thernlist of NJ entertainment places is endless. Itrncomprises museums, historical sites, theatres, sports venues, etc. Moreover,rnNew Jersey is considered to be the dinerrncapital of the world due to its ethnical diversity. To recap - goodrnorganization and planning in advance make local moving for students in NJrnalmost effortless and rather pleasant experience.  

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