Libra Rising Sign

Libra Rising Sign

Rising Sign or Ascendant

There are 12 zodiac signs in the cosmos. And the one that rises or ascends the Eastern horizon when a person is born is known as his or her Rising Sign or Ascendant.

This Rising Sign or Ascendant is taken as the first House of the horoscope and can reveal vital information about the natives, their appearance, character, attitude, etc. Thus it can be said to play a significant role in astrological predictions.    

The Libra Rising sign and the people born in it are the aspects we are going discuss here now, in brief.  

The Just Libra

Libra can be called a sign of Justice and fair play. The scales or the balance is the symbol of the sign, which reflects their sense of equilibrium and their earnest desire to strike a balance. It is Venus, the planet of love and beauty, that rules over Libra, and so, Librans, the natives of this Air sign, usually remain gentle and loveable characters.

The Librans are reasonable and neutral and will make all efforts to avoid going to extremes in any issue. They will be against any form of injustice and unfair practices and strive to establish equity and order in all things they deal with. This makes them idealists who expect people to be good, behave well, and act good. They generally see the bright side of life and would like to witness the best in all people, in all scenarios of life. Hence they are particular not to have the likes of misunderstandings, disputes, quarrels, violence, etc., in their scheme of things and may get disoriented and sink into distress if they are required to face any such issue in their lives.

Librans are intelligent people, quick thinking, and imaginative. They may also possess a keen sense of humor and often turn out to be brilliant conservationists too. They might also possess a keen artistic sense with an ear for music. With such ‘assets,’ many Librans remain outgoing, who love to interact with like-minded people and be in their company. Thus, they can be called highly social, which is counted as an identifiable trait in the Libra personality. 

Librans hate strife and remain peace-lovers to the core and they may use all their diplomatic skills to broker peace, make the warring parties bury the hatchet and declare a truce.   

But the Libran shortcomings are equally well-known. Like the scales swinging alternatively one way and the other almost endlessly in search of the right balance, the Librans might keep on weighing the pros and cons of any issue, and in the process of seeking a perfect solution, may end up not taking any decisions at all even on minor issues. Indecisiveness can thus be termed Libra’s biggest negative trait. 

Conflicts are anathema to these natural peace lovers. So, they may bend over backward to avoid any form of ill-will. But such a non-confrontational attitude could make them incapable of taking problems head-on and making tough decisions even when situations demand. This way, they might well end up only as escapists.

Further, their ‘peace-at-any-cost’ attitude can make them agree to even some unreasonable demands of others and be seen as mere pushovers, which can be easily influenced and brought around.           

Special Characteristics

Beyond all their pluses and minuses, there is no denying that the Librans are charismatic. With the inherent charm they exude and their demeanor, they might attract people and keep them enamored. They also love to dress appropriately to the occasions and carry themselves well, and all these can add to their appeal, which can become irresistible for others at times. These lovers of comforts and luxuries may also value relationships a lot and can do anything to preserve those alive and vibrant.    

Man of Libra Rising Sun

The Libra man is unlikely to be very pushy or aggressive. So, there are chances that he is not regarded ‘manly enough’ by some, at least sometimes. But he is a sincere and dedicated person who tries to live usually by principles and moral standards. And these people might appeal strongly to the opposite gender, as a rule.   

Woman of Libra Rising Sun

The Libra woman might be amenable and accommodative for the sake of conflict avoidance and peace. They may also be very particular to present themselves well to others and could take much time to dress themselves up, to look gorgeous and physically attractive.    

Child of Libra Rising Sun

A Libra child of both genders could be charming and graceful and might be interested in pleasing others. They will be lovers of beauty, fine arts, and good things in life. It is better that parents encourage them and instill confidence in their hearts right from the beginning. These can help them grow into wholesome individuals.    

Rising Sign Calculator

By being aware of their Rising Signs, people can know many things about themselves. Rising Sign Calculator is an online system where people can feed details like their time, date, and place of birth and learn what their Rising Sign is. Read more:


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