Let’s Talk Engineering on Engineers’ Day

Let’s Talk Engineering on Engineers’ Day

15th September, World Engineers’ Day, is the mostrnappropriate day to announce our new punch line. That is Data Protection byrnCommon Sense.

In our pursuit to make an affordable and effective DatarnProtection Solution for SMEs, we scaled numerous technical hurdles. All therncredit goes to our engineering team.

They made an affordable product by sticking to the SinglernHardware – Single Agent principle, unlike the traditional methods deployingrnmultiple hardware – multiple agents’ discrete solutions. They made it effectivernby one single element that now we realize as Commonsense. Shredding thernresource-intensiveness without compromising on the performance was the toughestrnengineering challenge. Listing some of the commonsense-driven innovations wernhave introduced in software engineering.

It has challenged the stereotypes. It has disrupted therntraditional ways to solve some serious problems. It has done it with utmostrnsimplicity and affordability. Let’s check a few of them.

 Autocratic Centralization

Our engineers focused on minimizing the scattered-ness ofrndata to achieve centralization. Traditional File Servers or NAS devices do notrnfully serve the purpose of data centralization. Users have the liberty to saverndata elsewhere and scatter the data. BLACKboxrndeploys device hardening technology which does not leave a choice with the userrnand forces the user to store data on a central server only.  By engineering a minimum scattered-ness ofrnthe data, we have achieved centralization more effectively.

 Primary and Hidden Chamber VW Technology

Our engineers focused on minimizing the damage to achievernbusiness continuity after the ransomware attack. Traditional solutions at thernmost prevent the known ransomware. They do not have any clue on how to recoverrnfiles in case a ransomware attack happens. BLACKbox,rnwith its hidden chamber (vault workspace technology), can be a dependable toolrnto recover data after a ransomware attack. By engineering frozen data andrnversioning of warm data, we have a better business continuity solution tornoffer.


Innovative Cloud Backup Agent

Our engineers focused on a zero-control backup agent in thernhands of the users. Traditional cloud backup solutions vest complete control tornthe user who can stop, pause, or change settings for the cloud backup. BLACKbox’s device hardening technologyrndoes not let the user stop, pause the backup, or change the settings. It alsornreports the backup status on email as well as maintained on a dashboard.rnTraditional File Servers or NAS devices do not fully serve the purpose of datarncentralization. Users have the liberty to save data elsewhere and scatter therndata. BLACKbox deploys devicernhardening technology which does not leave a choice with the user and forces thernuser to store data on a central server only. By engineering withdrawal ofrncontrols from the users by hardening, we have achieved a better BusinessrnContinuity Plan in case of disaster or loss of laptops.


Internet Usage Controls

Our engineers focussed on zero-trust policy to balancernbetween the user’s requirement of the Internet as a resource and thernenterprise’s concern about data theft prevention. Traditional solutions canrneither restrict access to the Internet or cannot. They cannot stop data theftrnif users access unrestricted. Users need full access to the Internet to dornbusiness development and research. Organization owners fear the possibility ofrndata theft over access to the Internet without any restrictions. BLACKbox’srnHappy Hours technology automatically isolates data while the user opts forrnunrestricted access to the Internet. It automatically applies restrictions onrnInternet access while the user is working on data. By engineering Happy Hours,rnwe have achieved accurate data theft prevention over the Internet.


Multi-Tasking Hardware – Software

Our engineers focussed on a minimalistic application to makernit affordable. Traditionally, it requires multiple hardware, software, andrnendpoint agents to achieve objectives of Data Loss, Leakage, and Theftrnprevention. BLACKbox is a singlernhardware-single software solution to achieve these objectives. By sticking tornthe principle of Single Hardware – Single Agent principle we have made DatarnProtection affordable to MSMEs.

Remote Application Access

Our engineers developed class bandwidth optimization, wernhave made application virtualization affordable to SMEs. Traditionally, theyrnprovide for remote access to legacy client-server applications over VPN. Itrnworks very slow. BLACKboxrnApplication Virtualization technology known as AAA (Access ApplicationrnAnywhere) extends seamless access to legacy applications throughrnvirtualization. It also turns the legacy client-server applications intornbrowser-based applications. By engineering bandwidth-frugal and hardware-lightrnsoftware, we have transformed application virtualization easy and accessiblernfor MSMEs.


Our engineers focussed on dual profiling to segregaternpersonal and professional data as well as the application of separate policies.rnTraditionally it cannot stop data theft in BYOD or Work from Home scenarios. BLACKbox duo creates dual profiles onrnBYOD and secures data from theft while WFH. By engineering BLACKbox Duo, data protection in WFH and BYOD is affordable andrnsecured.

It’s all about our journey of challenging the traditions,rndiscovering our way to solving the problem, and engineering affordable, effective,rnand dependable products.

Happy World Engineers’ Day


Best Regards,

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Founder and CEO,

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